I always love a good shop at Swords-Smith in Williamsburg. (And was so sad I missed their latest clearance sale!) They have not all sustainable stuff, but all independent designers, many of them in NYC and several of them sustainable. Last time I went there seeking a Samantha Pleet item, but also was charmed by a few other things.

My boyfriend was really not into a pair of shorts I tried on, but when I walked out in this sassy-sweet dress by Morgan Carper, his jaw dropped.

It’s not just for the men, though. As I wore it around the city, I got the best kind of compliment: the Spontaneous Compliment from a Woman on the Street. Several times. I would guess because of the the peekaboo back in the middle of a very ladylike dress.


The dress is 100% cotton (conventional, sorry) and made in NYC. While this particular one is sold at at Swords-Smith and everywhere else, you can find more Morgan Carper items at Swords-Smith, Free People, Anthropologie, and Of a Kind. A dress in the same print but different cut is on her own website.


The leather tote is by Everlane. The shoes are my trusty old Jack Rogers.


Photo credit: Elizabeth Stilwell