Alden Wicker of EcoCult in a sustainable outfit

Pima Doll knit top, H&M Conscious Collection head turban thing and pants.

This outfit makes me feel like Katharine Hepburn. With the headband insouciantly across my brow and the pants swishing about my ankles, it makes me want to stride around and make clever feminist pronouncements with a raised eyebrow and a glass of gin sweating in my hand.

The top is by Pima Doll, a sustainable fashion label designed in NYC and made in Peru. The leftover cuttings of the tees are upcycled into lush, hand knit items like the crop top I’m wearing,* which looks like a sweater but breathes like a t-shirt.


The headband and pants are from H&M’s latest Conscious Collection. Some people assert that H&M is greenwashing, that they are a fast fashion company and that mean they are inherently unsustainable. But I like to support their efforts to put out more sustainable clothing, and get the public excited about it! (And they did not ask me to say that.) I might have shown up an hour after they opened the day the collection showed up in stores.

I think the headband, reminiscent of a turban, is a fun accessory. And the pants will be a staple when the weather turns hot but I don’t feel like getting cat called. (Men cannot seem to contain themselves around shorts, for some reason.)

We shot this out on some abandoned train tracks in Bushwick. It’s a nice, secluded little space that I would definitely not go at night. But during the day, it’s a great venue to do a photo shoot without people passing by every few seconds and gawking.

And the pink lipstick is by Ilia.


Photo Credit: Annalee Bloomfield 

*I received an editorial discount on this top.