Sustainable Street Style by Alden Wicker // EcoCult

I’ve been feeling l’amour for the French lately.

It’s probably because I’m having the best time with my two French roommates, an adorable couple that is staying with me for a few months. Every day, they cook and eat lunch and dinner together, often sharing their cheese, freshly-baked bread, and homemade cake with me. Or they’ll plan a special night of savory and sweet crepes. They’re not snobbish at all (though those types of French do exist). I’m just having so much fun taking part in the best French traditions: leisurely meals shared among friends and a love of high-performing, non-toxic skincare. I mean, I’m not exaggerating when I say I just got a text from them asking what wine I preferred for dinner, as I write this. #toocute

Anyway, this was all on my mind as I selected my outfit the other day. I wanted to channel that perfect French simplicity and class. So I chose high-quality, made-in-NYC skinny jeans by Parke (full review here); an organic, made-in-Cali bateau stripe shirt (naturellement) by Amour Vert; and simple black flats by Nisolo that were made by Peruvian artisans. I topped it with a conventional trench by Club Monaco, and wrapped a real cashmere scarf that I got for Christmas around my neck. I remember when I got that scarf, I was like, “Holy cow, you really can tell the difference. Damn. No more street scarves for this girl.”

Alden Wicker // EcoCult // Amour Vert shirt + Jane Iredale lipstick Sustainable Street Style by Alden Wicker // EcoCult

Alden Wicker // EcoCult

Those little gold hoops you see were a gift from Melissa Joy Manning. You could call them placeholders until I can invest in one of her bold, big, gorgeous pieces.

I didn’t originally plan to do such bold makeup, but my hand slipped when I was doing the eyeliner. So, bold it is. It’s eyeliner by Tarte, which is neither the dirtiest nor cleanest brand out there, but it works beautifully. (Suggestions of alternatives?) Then the red lipstick was just duh. I bought three of the super clean and glamorous Jane Iredale color, because I’m always losing lipsticks. I should put it on a chain or something.