Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable New Orleans: Farm-to-Table Restaurants, Cultural History, Art, and Music for the Thoughtful Visitor

New Orleans is unlike any other city I've ever visited. The word "fecund" comes to mind. New Orleans was built on a swamp – it's tropical, hot, humid air and French influence gives it an air of a jubilant island colony wedged into the conservative foreign country that is the South.

The porches of the colorful, off-kilter houses sprout ornamentation like orchids. There's a thick, undergrowth of subcultures: goth kids, Vietnamese food, voodoo and witchcraft, Black Indians, vast cemeteries with ornate mausoleums, a devotion to alcohol in all forms all the time, bluegrass and bounce music. It's a place of contradictions: there are huge mansions, yet 50% of the population lives in poverty. It's tolerant and over the top, inclusive and impressive. You can go to New Orleans and be yourself, whether you're a southern girl in a sundress, or a queer artist of color looking to experiment. And then there is its dark past to reckon with: slaves flowing through its port from Africa, and the fresh wounds of Hurricane Katrina.

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