Shopping season is upon us in NYC, and the parties to celebrate are coming hard and fast.


On Thursday night, ABC Carpet & Home hosted a huge bash in MKT, the kitchen-focused department downstairs. Everything in ABC has been carefully selected to be ethical or sustainable in someway–and you can figure out how, exactly, because of the meticulous labeling. I dream of registering for my wedding there someday. It’s also a one-stop shop for gifts and stocking stuffers. Believe me, if you do your shopping there, you will win Christmas.

MKT was packed with people, milling about and sampling chocolates by Raaka Chocolate Co. of Red Hook (so much chocolate), salted olive oil, mozzarella topped with salt from the Hamptons by Amagansett Sea Salt Co., local honey by Catskill Provisions (who, by the way, also make a honey whiskey), caramels, locally produced cider, organic tea by Lov, fresh salad being turned out by the ABC Kitchen staff, cookies, and so many other tasty things. Best of all, the event was free. If you want to get the scoop about similar future events, sign up for the ABC newsletter.

(I managed to bring all my camera accessories–extra lens, external flash–but forgot my camera. So all these beautiful pictures are by Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer.)


Epices de Cru

edit-IMG_1606 edit-IMG_1621 edit-IMG_1638 edit-IMG_1639 edit-IMG_1644


Live hand dying of silks.


Big Picture Farm caramels

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A very detailed demonstration of setting a table, ABC style.

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Picked up my first issue of Modern Farmer! When I said, “Hey guys, they’re giving away Modern Farmers,” everyone was like, “WHERE?”

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Young & Able

I swung by the VIP opening party on Friday for Young & Able’s Series, a pop-up shop on the Lower East Side featuring emerging designers that will run up until Christmas. It’s at 345 Broome St.


“makers gonna make, haters gonna hate”


The list of designers included.

The crowd at this party looked to be the young-designer, fresh-out-of-Parson’s set: lots of undercuts, acid yellow hair, and edgy sartorial choices.


A dress by {em} reservoir

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