Backpacks to wear on your bicycle

Citibikes and your own bike alike may come equipped with front baskets, but it’s still a much better option to wear a backpack.

Hit a deep pothole, and your purse or bag could fall out onto the payment. The bungee cords on the Citibikes will squish anything delicate. And just think of the cushioning a filled backpack will provide if you get knocked from your bike onto your back! (I’m only partly joking on that last one.) Basically, a backpack allows you to ride less like a school marm, and more like a badass.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you would think to find ethically-made and fashionable backpacks for your adventures around New York. And while they may make you feel like a kid again, they have enough room for your grownup work laptop, too. Check ’em out:

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