I’m not vegan, but I totally support vegans. We’re both being thoughtful about our purchases, asking questions, looking for change in a messed up fashion and food industry.

So if I find a vegan brand that is doing good things, I snap it up.

Animal behavior top and shorts. Crie de Coeur shoes. Base Range bralette.

animal behavior top and shorts. Cri de Coeur shoes. Base Range bralette.

Crystal earrings handmade at Brooklyn charm.

Crystal earrings handmade at Brooklyn charm.

The top and shorts are from a new brand called animal behavior that makes super-sustainable clothing in modern, sleek designs. Every component, from the zippers to buttons to labels, is made within a 10 mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. The fabric is surplus fabric. In order to counter the environmental impact of shipping, they donate to carbon offset programs for every shipment sent.

On top of that, animal behavior is an advocacy brand. Each collection is influenced by a critically endangered species in an effort to increase awareness and contribute to the protection of these animals’ natural habitats. Right now, 5% of each purchase goes to Panthera.org to help save the endangered Amur Leopard.

Most importantly, however, these items fit just beautifully. They have a classy shape that flatters my figure (and I am not shaped like a model). In the past week I find myself going back to this top again and again, like, I hope no one notices I wear this every day. 

Oh wait, one more thing: Animal Behavior is actually affordable for a sustainable, designer brand. The tops are under $100, the shorts just over. The jumpsuit is less than $200!

Coat by Nicolino, made in NYC.