Sometimes you want to put something cozy on, and yet still look a little … bodacious.

I like the body-conscious cut of this organic sweater dress by IRO, which I picked up at the new hyper-curated store Black + Graze in SoHo.

Can you tell I like black tights? I sure do. I recommend you skip the ones from Duane Reade and splurge on a pair from Wolford. Those things last forever, where a cheaper brand will run almost immediately. I’ve thrown ones from Kushy Foot, Uniqlo, Leggs and more in the trash. But I only ditched my Wolfords after wearing them for two winter seasons straight. Sadly, they were starting to pill.

The ones in the picture are not Wolford, unfortunately. You can tell because they aren’t solidly opaque the way Wolford tights are. Anyway, I digress. Tell me what you think:

IRO organic sweater dress, Yumi Kim collared shirt [not sustainable], J. Crew belt [not sustainable], Steve Madden shoes [not sustainable], vegan Cornelia Guest bag.