I often get emails from not-quite-launched and emerging sustainable brands asking to get coffee and pick my brain. Of course, I can provide some insight on one little corner of the industry, but I’m also busy and it’s hard for me to carve out time.

There is a way better solution, if you really are serious about this whole sustainable-design-business thing: the Madesmith Fashion Incubator, an 8-week course starting in July packed with everything you need to know in order to start and grow your own sustainable fashion and home goods brand.

Right now you can sign up for early bird registration and get a $600 discount

What It Is

This program is perfect for designers creating clothing, home textiles, shoes, bags and accessories. Whether you are new to business or have been in business for a while and looking to take it to the next level, this mastermind is designed for you. You will learn specific techniques, roadmaps, real life case studies off successful designers, and step by step guides to achieve success in your business. You will also get personalized consultation from an established industry expert to help you win your market.

What You Get

I’m personally  involved in one part, the one-one-session where I help you craft your story so that bloggers will be falling all over you to interview and feature you and your company. Other things you’ll learn:

  • How to create an ethical fashion brand online that stands out in today’s cluttered market
  • How to get your businesses funded
  • Ways to test your product ideas before you invest time and money
  • Pricing strategies that help you grow your sales and your profits
  • Where to find the right audience and how to keep them coming back for more
  • Creating and growing a smart customer list
  • Advanced strategies to get PR for your ethical brand
  • Effective social media strategies that take less than 1 hour a day
  • How to turn your audience to advocates of your ethical brand
  • Long-term strategies to always staying ahead of your competition and beating copycats
  • Money back guarantee within first 2 weeks

The program is online from anywhere, with weekly video-based modules, weekly live office hours in webinar format where you can get answers to your questions, customized easy-to-do downloadable templates for you to apply to your ethical fashion business, and access to an Ethical Fashion Community that will support you and help you grow.

Classes begin July 6th and end August 28th, 2015. Why the summer? So you are fully ready to make a big splash in time for the holiday season later in the year! Click here for answers to other commonly asked questions.

About the Instructor: Sumeera Rasul

I have a ton of respect for Madesmith founder Sumeera Rasul. Whenever we meet we totally nerd out with each other on industry talk, and I always, always, always learn something new and valuable from her. She is a boss. She was named by GOOD 100 as a thought leader and social innovator at the cutting edge of creative impact. She grew up in a family business of apparel manufacturing and international trade. After working 16 years in branding, advertising and marketing for the best brands in the world including Apple, Nike, GE and Starbucks, Sumeera created Madesmith, a premium platform for emerging makers and designers. Along with her sister, Nadia Rasul, she has created three successful sustainable businesses online. Together, they work with hundreds of fashion and home goods designers to help them creative thriving businesses.

Sumeera teaches branding and marketing at Madesmith Academy and Textile Arts Center. She holds an MBA from TRIUM (a joint degree between NYU, London School of Economics and HEC Paris. Watch Sumeera’s interview on Crain’s NYC Business.

Get a Discount

Registration was supposed to start next week, but founder Sumeera (love her; she’s such a boss) heard from some small businesses the price was a little out of reach. So she just opened up early bird registration to make it more affordable. After the 7th is regular registration, which will close at 11pm on June 28. She won’t be offering this incubator again until 2016. So go sign up now!