Everyone has their sleeping uniform. For my grandmother, it’s a satin, button-down, short-sleeved top and matching pants. (She’s a dame.) For some of my friends, it’s a tank and booty shorts. For some guys, it’s just a pair of boxer shorts or briefs. Some people sleep naked. I wonder if the species of woman still exists who wears a long, lace-fringed nightgown?

I love this light-on-the-beats, beautiful track that really could be a dream. 

PACT bikini underwearI easily get hot, so all I require is a pair of super-comfortable underwear. Not the sexy kind–lace, believe it or not, is not terribly comfortable to sleep in. Something cute, stretchy, and in organic cotton. My sheets, and pillows and comforter is organic, and the underwear I toss and turn in should be as well!

For this purpose, I have turned exclusively to PACT, specifically their hipster and bikini bottoms. They are comfortable and comforting in their bright colors, but they definitely aren’t granny panties–they still make me feel attractive enough to be in a Rom Com. You know, dancing around my apartment in my underwear while singing into my spatula? (I never do that. But just in case I feel the urge, I must be dressed properly.)

Launched a few years back, PACT makes socks, underwear, and other everyday essentials for men and women with sustainable fabrics. Each season, PACT designs a new collection of clothing inspired by someone doing something good, like Japanese patterns for undies that benefit those affected by the tsunami in Japan, or ombre tights that help low-income entrepreneurs start a business. I have my eyes on the latter for fall.

PACT only uses organic cotton, which means no pesticides in the ground or on your clothes. They source cotton from family-run cooperatives and sew the garments in sweatshop-free factories where the workers are paid well and treated well. The sock factory is powered by wind energy, and the packaging is made from FSC-controlled wood sources and printed with vegetable-based inks.

You should go check out PACT if for no other reason than to get an eyeful of wholesome eye candy. That male model they use in all their lookbooks, yum.

Tell me: What’s your favorite thing to sleep in?