air plants at skinny skinny

Yoga in a nightclub (Verboten). A flower shop in a bar (Sycamore). A restaurant in a furniture store (ABC). With space at a premium, New Yorkers are fond of mashing up uses inside incongruous spaces.


skinnyskinny, on the corner of Grand and  Roebling in Williamsburg, is an excellent example of this. Part maker and purveyor of simple and non-toxic beauty products, part plant shop, part eco-friendly gift store, skinnyskinny’s brick-and-mortar location doesn’t want to choose a strategy. Which makes it all the more charming.


Sure, I love skinnyskinny’s dry shampoo. But since I’ve moved to the neighborhood, I also love popping in when I need a pick-me-up in the form of a plant. You can pick out tiny air plants, large aloe plants, or medium ferns, then get all the supplies you need to repot them (locally-made planters, more affordable but still sleek planters, terrariums), and take care of them (fertilizers, gravel, etc.). You can even buy miniature figurines to put inside your amazing new terrarium.

I’ve gone back to get excellent advice on taking care of my plants, too. When I asked about liquid fertilizer for my wee air plant, an employee told me that unfortunately, they only had a big package in the store. But she then told me I could buy a little spray bottle of it from another company online. I like it when stores are helpful to the detriment of a quick sale.

Helping repot my succulents

Helping repot my succulents

If you’re not in the mood for a plant (when is that exactly?) you can get a non-toxic candle, organic skincare, art, or greeting cards. The song selection is always upbeat. The employees always helpful without being overbearing, snooty, or even bored. Every time I visit they are doing something busy behind the counter like unpackaging pots or something. It smells like lemongrass in there, and the wood decor makes it feel warm and welcoming.

As far as ways to kill time, you could do much, much worse. But if you can’t make it to the ‘burg, you can find skinnyskinny’s products–all cruelty-free, non-toxic, and lovely-smelling–throughout the U.S. and online.