orangeharpnecklaceYou know when you’re standing in the forever line at Trader Joe’s, and you’ve run out of things to do? You’ve checked in on Foursquare, read and responded to emails, perused your news feed on Facebook, hearted 15 pictures on Instagram, scrolled through Twitter and even done some pinning. Now what?

Go shopping.

The new ethical app Orange Harp makes shopping an easy past time. But instead of snatching up fast fashion, you’re picking out a fairly made necklace, a gorgeous organic dress for work and a non-toxic lipgloss.

Founded by two women, programmer Anbu Anbalagapandian and attorney Kacie Gonzalez, Orange Harp is a curated marketplace with handpicked brands that are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but making it look good.

You can start in the highlights section, where you’ll see the new and favorite products. You can choose to heart certain products, which puts them in your favorites section and makes them rise in the rankings, much like Hype Machine. Or look through the Brands section, where you can learn the stories of all the companies available on the app, and why they are ethical and sustainable. Or search by product. Each product description has why the brand is a good fit for the eco-friendly consumer, of course. Then, you can check out right on the app, as easy as ordering off of Seamless.

While Orange Harp is brand new, you’ll already recognize some favorites, like CROP by David Peck and Juniper Ridge. And many more cool brands and features are in the pipeline.

Check It Out and Win!

Orange Harp is invitation only, but because Anbu and Kacie know that EcoCult readers have such good taste, they’re granting you immediate access. And as an extra incentive, they’re giving away a prize each to three readers. When you sign up, you’re entered to win either a bottle of Juniper Ridge crew soap, a box of Pura Products Bath Salts, or a New York Home T.

To gain access and enter to win, email with the subject line ECOCULT (that’s it, nothing necessary in the body of the email). You’ll get exclusive access and will automatically be entered in the raffle. Good luck!

Orange Harp Giveaway