The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Shop Ethical Fashion at Bhoomki in Park Slope, Brooklyn


There are several shopping districts in NYC, each with its own personality. SoHo is international, upscale, and touristy. 5th Avenue on the Upper East Side is conservative and expensive. The Meatpacking District is all about the fancy labels. Williamsburg is about local designers, twee looks and handcrafted items. But the subject of my story today is in the most laid back shopping district: Park Slope.


Park Slope, as I’ve said before, has a small-town vibe. The look is comfortably chic–it’s hard to wrestle your two tots into their stroller when you’re wearing stacked heels. And you would look out of place wearing aggressively trendy, all black items in one of the craft brew pubs here.

Swati Argade, owner of Bhoomki
Swati Argade, owner of Bhoomki

In this mix on 5th Avenue is Bhoomki, a small boutique devoted to ethical and sustainable fashion. Helmed by the gorgeous Swati Argade, this little oasis carries timeless pieces by sustainable and ethical labels you’re familiar with, plus Swati’s own designs.  The look is a work/weekend hybrid for the lady who knows her worth but doesn’t need to necessarily show it off, with lots of pretty silk dresses, sweaters, easy jumpsuits, and bold jewelry. The prices are in the reasonable range. And every brand carried has invested in environmental and/or social responsibility. The pieces are made in America, or made by fairly paid artisans in other countries.


On the rainy day I popped by the store, there was a woman trying on a Bhoomki label dress in turquoise and green striped silk. She was clearly pleased. In between ringing up another customer, Swati tells me she’s bee buying Bhoomki dresses since since 2005. For many of the repeat and new customers, the fact that they can be sure of finding an ethical item is besides the point–Bhoomki just has a lot of nice, lifetime pieces that will nicely round out your wardrobe.

Bhoomki is located at  158 5th Ave in Brooklyn, and is open Tuesday through Sunday. 

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