Bajan rum punchAllow me to account for my extended absence. First, I was busy. Second, I spent two weeks in the tropics away from cares, and especially away from wifi and 3G. Which is the point, really.

To atone for this lapse in blogging, may I present you the best rum punch ever. I mean, I haven’t tried them all, I admit. But I did try some very crappy “rum punch” in the British Virgin Islands during my first week of sailing. It consisted of rum mixed with processed fruit punch drink from the U.S. I was unimpressed. (Hint: When in Virgin Islands, get a Bushwacker. Addictive creamy, frozen, coconut amazingness.)

The second leg of my trip was in Barbados, a vibrant island full of culture, history, good food, small-batch sugarcane rum, wildlife, botanical gardens, and miles of white beaches and turquoise waters.


I stayed with my family at a villa (which sounds so pretentious, doesn’t it? But that’s what houses on the beach are called: villas). When we arrived and were being shown around, one of the cooks came upstairs with a tray of rum punch. I took one sip and was hooked. It was sweet, but complex instead of cloying. Topped with freshly grated nutmeg locally right from the island, it set the tone for the trip.

So let me share the recipe for this amazing drink with you. It’s a bit cold for it right now if you’re in NYC. But I think it would make an amazing addition to your summer!

Sheliah’s Incredible Bajan Rum Punch

Note: Bajan is what you use to describe things from Barbados. 

3 cups Mount Gay rum
1 cup lime juice
2 cups simple syrup (You can buy this or make it buy boiling water and sugar on the stove.)
3 cups water, including ice
Several dashes of angostura bitters
1/2 cup of grenadine syrup
1 box of Cockspur fruit punch (You can’t find this here in the States, so I would go with a high quality fruit punch made with real fruit juice and not much added sugar, if any.)


Mix syrup and lime juice together, then add all other ingredients. Serve over chipped ice in cocktail glasses. Sprinkle freshly shaved nutmeg on top.