Zabada cleaning product review

Zabada claims you only need to use water with their towels, gloves and mop to disinfect your apartment.


Mom blog this is not. But even as a wild and crazy 28 year old, I still find the topic of home cleaning important. Why? Because I want my apartment to look passably clean, and I don’t want to use toxic chemicals doing it.

Up until now, I’ve been using reusable bamboo towelettes and recipes from this book. But Zabada claims to preclude the need for any products at all. The itty bitty microfibers wipes away bacteria and contaminants from any surface on a microscopic level, using only water as the solvent. “Dirt, grime and dangerous microbes are trapped deep within the Zabada fibers, to be rinsed away under the faucet later,” the website says. What they are saying is that you don’t need to nuke your counter with bleach in order to get rid of germs.

This is cool, if it works. Given that I have a tiny apartment with almost no room for cleaning product storage, I decided to give Zabada a try. I tested the bathroom glove and marvel, the living dust glove and dust marvel, and the floor bundle.*

If you decide to try out Zabada, I highly recommend you watch the videos on their website. It’s not complicated, but it’s different than what you’re used to. There are different products for different rooms, and some even have two sides to the same glove that serve different purposes.

First, I wiped down my living room and bedroom surfaces with the living dust glove, then wet the living marvel to follow behind. It cleaned up my coffee table nicely, but it really performed on my vanity. Just imagine all the makeup and gunk there, buffed quickly away with water. I also liked using it on my antique cabinet, too, because I definitely don’t want to use chemicals on that.

The floor mop is great, if only because it’s easier and neater than a traditional mop (which has always grossed me out a bit), but not wasteful like a Swiffer mop. It’s the best of both worlds. Both my boyfriend and I have used it, and we’ve been pleased with the results.

OK, but here is where it gets good. I used the bathroom glove, and it worked well on the vanity, etc. But the bathtub …

You know how your bathtub looks clean for a while, and then you notice it’s been building up a subtle scrim of brown? And you see it and wonder, How many of my guests have seen that? Gross! Shame! It’s hard to get off, too, without Softscrub handy. I’ve been painstakingly scrubbing it away using baking soda and vinegar, which takes a while. But the Zabada glove took it off in three minutes. Like swipe, swipe, gleam!

I literally stood up and said out loud, “Holy crap. This thing works.”

I still used a homemade disinfecting spray on the toilet. Because, well, it’s not that I don’t believe Zabada about it mechanically disinfecting things, it’s just that … toilet.

Now that they’ve got me hooked on the bathroom and living products, though, I’ve added pretty much everything in the kitchen section to my cart. The products are made in Austria, for ethical production. Zabada products are on the pricier side, but they are supposed to last up to three years, keep you from buying cleaning products, and make cleaning go faster.

And anything that has me cleaning less and partying blogging more has my endorsement.

*I got these free to try.

Do you think it’s weird to clean just with water and not a cleaning product? Let me know in the comments.