Yarok beauty bar

It’s a bit overwhelming to take in the options at the YAROK Beauty Bar.

I was faced with wall listing more than a hundred organic, food-grade oils, which would be used to moisturize my hair and scalp, and all of them had different properties. Should I get tomato seed oil, frankincense, mandarin, carrot seed, lavender, jojoba, black current, pomegranate, or kukui? Alyona, a pretty Ukrainian blond, pulled oils down from the shelves to let me smell them.

“Oh, this is nice. I’ll take that. Oh, this is nice, too! Can I smell that other one again? Ohhh, cedar wool oil. Can I try the roman Chamomile? They all smell good. How do I choose?!”

Yarok beauty bar oils

YAROK is a hair brand that uses certified organic, consciously sourced, and responsibly harvested botanicals. All it’s products are 100% vegan, and free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and not tested on animals. I was at the YAROK salon in Chelsea, where Mordechai Alvow and his assistants give clients haircuts, organic hair coloring, and hair treatments.

Yarok beauty bar avocado
It was quiet and calm the day I was there, with one other woman finishing up her hair cut while European lady-Jazz played on the speakers. All the excitement came from the little dog, who begged for love as soon as I walked in. (If he was any bigger, he could have knocked me down with his enthusiasm. Luckily, he was small and fluffy.)
Yarok beauty bar

Alyona took me to the back, where a vast array of food oils awaited my selection. I could choose from pre-made meals for dry scalp, or oily scalp, or dry hair, or even aged hair, or put together an a la carte treatment. Every treatment starts with a base of freshly scooped avocado, coconut cream, and almond butter, and the essential oils are mixed in with that.

I was a bit worried, because a couple years ago I did a homemade mask of avocado and honey, which would not come out of my hair. After three shampoos and some dry shampoo, my hair still looked like I had been on a camping trip. (Baking soda finally did the trick.) Plus, I have ridiculously thick hair in which gunk tends to get caught in the roots. Would all these oils rinse out OK? Alyona assured me that although this was a common concern, it would be fine.

I finally chose the Feed Your Vibrancy, since my hair was still recovering from an intensive dying treatment.
Yarok aloe plant

First, I got a long, relaxing massage of the treatment into my scalp. They left me under a steam heat lamp for long enough for me to check and sort all my email. While I waited, the little dog came over to lap up some of the avocado and oils that had dripped off my scalp. They shooed him away. (How often does that happen with a regular treatment?) Then, they rinsed my hair with aloe vera and apple cider vinegar, and finished by giving me a beautiful blowout.
Yarok beauty bar after blowout Yarok beauty bar after blowout

I ran my fingers through my hair, and it was indeed very soft, light, and bouncy. With the blowout, I felt like a movie star. I even broke a few necks walking home. (Hey there, guy on the bike. Don’t crash.) It wasn’t a silver bullet for my color-treated hair–I’m not sure anything can get my hair back to virgin status. But it did noticeably improve the texture for several weeks.

To make an appointment for your own hair treatment at the Yarok Beauty Bar, call  (212) 876-4293.