Tangerine Yoga studio review

So I have this friend, Juliette, who has become the go-to graphic and site designer for ethical and sustainable companies in NYC. You might know her of from her Spades+siLK fame, when she blogged about sustainable fashion. But now she’s pivoted to getting  paid for her incredible skills by companies she believes in, through the marketing company she co-founded, Sette Creative. Pretty cool gig, right?

Anyway, Juliette turned me onto this new hot power yoga studio in Brooklyn called Tangerine that’s a client of hers, and invited me by for a special event.

Tangerine yoga, in between Boerum Hill and Downtown Brooklyn, has all the eco-friendly things: chemical-free products in the bathroom and the cleaning cupboard, reclaimed wood countertop, energy-efficient Radiant Heating Panels that simulate heat from the sun for the perfect, sweaty session, and 100% paperless operations. When you arrive, you’re handed a reusable towel, and their free rental mats are already laid out in the room. The mats are by Manduka, made from sustainably harvested tree rubber (not from the Amazon) in a zero-waste and emissions facility.

I have something to admit, readers. I forgot to bring my reusable water bottle to hot yoga. If it were normal yoga, I would be fine. But hot yoga? No way. So I bought a bottle of Smart Water to drink. And perhaps the electrolites helped, because I proceeded to sweat.

I haven’t done a hot yoga class since Bikram five years ago, where I came close to passing out. I remember my mistake back then was being in the middle of the room, instead of by the windows. So when I found myself in the middle of the room, I started to get stressed. And then, I realized that there are no windows anywhere in the room, so the heat and humidity is evenly distributed. I followed along in the practice, sweaty but feeeling strong – I think I took one child’s pose break. But I never felt faint or overheated. It was a great experience!

Kari Gran @ Tangerine Tangerine Yoga Studio

When you walk out, they hand you a cold, damp towel, which is amazing. And the day I went, they also had several of my favorite local and sustainable brands there, giving out samples and selling products: Kari Gran, who I’ve reviewed before, they do a dope oil cleanser; Alder NY, which makes some excellent dry shampoo/hair powder; Jao Brand, who makes non-toxic sanitizer as well as other unisex skincare products; Apoterra, who I just reviewed last week; and Lesser Evil, who makes healthy snacks. You can still buy Apoterra products at Tangerine if you go today, plus locally-made raw chocolate, Tatine candles, and yoga apparel.

They have five to seven classes a day. It’s $22 for a drop-in, $16 to $20 per class depending on the class pack, or $160 a month unlimited. I know your next question: Yes, Tangerine is on Class Pass.

The biggest factor in whether I incorporate a studio into my regular practice is whether it’s within walking distance from my apartment. And sadly, Tangerine is not. But if you are keen to try hot yoga without all the icky associations that comes with Bikram, I think Tangerine, a women-owned studio, is your best choice.