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Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Review: Simply Co. Laundry Detergent Is Deceptively Effective

It’s 8PM when I walk through the door after my 12 hour shift as a nurse. Pen marks, sweat stains, yes, even a few splotches of bodily fluids have amassed my scrubs. I throw them into my already overflowing hamper and eye the washer.

I’m usually in somewhat of a rush doing laundry, yet want to take the time to wash my items properly, efficiently, and sustainably. The Simply Co.’s laundry detergent, created by Lauren Singer of the popular zero waste blog Trash Is for Tossers, offers me the opportunity to hit all three with their three simple ingredients: baking soda, washing soda, and organic vegan castile soap.

Baking soda, chemically referred to as sodium bicarbonate, is already a household name. We mix this with sterile water to formulate a rinse that my patient’s use for their daily oral hygiene, so I innately known it’s a good start to this detergent. Washing soda, A.K.A sodium carbonate, a close cousin to the former baking soda, is used as water softener and as a powerful cleansing agent. Lastly, organic vegan castile soap, the heart of the detergent and typically derived from olive oil and sodium hydroxide, is a natural bacteria-fighting agent.

Despite being fragrance free, The Simply Co.’s detergent eliminated the odor and stains that I accumulate on my clothing throughout a typical work day. The glass jar packaging exudes transparency with the company and I love how it is reusable (if you live in Brooklyn, you can get it refilled with more Simply Co. detergent at Depanneur in Williamsburg) and can be easily cleaned! Good for the earth, good for me. Jars are incredibly sustainable and versatile and I plan on utilizing it back on my unit in a different capacity: lunch storage, (after it’s own washing of course.)

If you are someone who loves clean clothes or just enjoys simplicity, I would recommend The Simply Co.’s unscented laundry detergent.

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