Parke Jeans

The first step to shopping more sustainably is to buy classic items that you know will last years, and years and years.

I first heard about Parke about a year ago when I met the founder, Solomon Lou, at an event in New York City. When I saw the Kickstarter, I had to fund it so I could get a pair for myself.

Parke Denim Review

Parke Premium Active Denim fabricates their jeans right here in New York City from the highest quality denim. Their video┬ápromises a unique, lightweight fit that moves with you. When I got my first pair of jeans, I slipped them on, and the fit truly was different than what I had tried before. They aren’t jeggings, with a slavish stretch that exposes all your bumps. Instead, the stretch is subtle, allowing you to move about without getting baggy. I go biking in them, and when I get off the bike, they’ve held their slim, flattering shape.

Parke Denim review

It’s like as soon as you put them on, you can tell you’ll be wearing them for years and years. Plus, when you preorder them, you can specify not only your waist size, but your length, so you don’t have to go get them tailored. That’s crucial for a shorty like me.

Parke denim soap

My Parke jeans came with this wee bottle of soap for washing them.

I know you’re supposed to treat jeans like this really well, but honestly, I just throw them in the wash like a normal piece of clothing. They come out fine.