Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

12 Brands Making Plus-Size Sustainable Clothing for Men

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Sustainable fashion (much like conventional fashion) has a plus-size problem. While we have seen an increase in size-inclusivity in recent years, it’s primarily women who have benefited from this. We don’t cover a lot of men’s fashion, but when a reader pointed out to us that there isn’t a resource anywhere out there that helps larger men find ethical and sustainable clothing, we had to look into it. (You can read about some of the issues that both consumers and brands face when creating or buying plus-size clothing here.)

To be completely honest with you, this list is not that impressive. With a couple exceptions, most of the brands below only go up to sizes 2XL or 3XL, which still isn’t good enough in our book. (Though, men’s fashion tends to be more sustainable just because it doesn’t succumb to fleeting trends and overbuying the way women’s fashion does.) And most of these brands don’t have any plus sized models at all. We can only hope brands will start to see that plus-sized men want to shop more responsibly too, and up their sizing options. In the meantime, here’s a list of the brands that are currently offering sustainable and ethical clothing options for larger men:


Levi’s has been pouring money into innovating on denim, including cotton recycling, and its Water>Less technology and Waste>Less collection, with 20% post-consumer waste. They’re the only brand we could find so far with sizes up to 62/6XL.

Alternative Apparel

This casual company uses less water in the manufacture of its products, plus eco-friendly and organic fabrics, non-toxic and low-impact dyes, and recycled materials. This brand is great for your basics: tees, tanks, sweats, etc. Sizes go up to 5XL.



You probably already know that REI carries a ton of adventure apparel and gear, but they also carry a lot of pieces for everyday and workwear. They have really ramped up their inclusive sizing over the past couple of years and are committed to continuing to do so. Every brand that REI carries meets a minimum standard of ethical and sustainable operation. Although not every single item is made out of recycled and/or natural materials, they have a really wide variety of apparel to choose from that’s not only made in a conscious way, but also really high quality. Or, you can shop from their Used section, which is perhaps the most sustainable (and affordable!) option. For more about REI’s sustainability initiatives in depth, read this. Sizes go up to 5XL.


Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand makes clothing and accessories that are ethically made, designed to please, and created to last. They are committed to transparency and require that the designers and brands featured in their collections provide a full breakdown of their supply chains, which you can then view in each product’s “footprint” tab. They recognize that true sustainability and ethical production is a process and are committed to genuine commitment and innovation in these areas. They carry dress clothes, casual, everyday wear, outerwear, swimwear, accessories, and unisex apparel. Sizes go up to 3XL.


A leader in sustainability for the past four decades, Patagonia carries a wide variety of apparel for men, especially in the activewear department. Many of Patagonia’s pieces are made with fully or partially recycled and fair trade materials. You can find out more about their traceability on their website. Their sizes go up to 44/3XL.

Vestiaire Collective

Buying vintage/secondhand is still the most sustainable way to shop. Vestiaire Collective is one the largest online secondhand websites where you can find affordable options from luxury brands up to size 3XL.


Everlane partners with the most ethical factories they can find around the globe in order to ensure the makers are being paid fairly while also providing the most affordable and transparent pricing for customers. You can even check out the exact factory where your products were made. Sizes go up to 2XL.


Kotn creates beautiful basics from authentic Egyptian cotton that’s finer, softer, and more breathable than any other cotton. Unfortunately, since 2001, there has been a 95% decline in demand from big corporations that opted to go with cheaper options. As a result, millions of farmers, weavers, and craftspeople are struggling to make ends meet. By working directly with cotton farming families in Egypt, Kotn is seeking to rebuild the industry from the inside. They make their own fabrics from raw cotton bought direct from farmers at guaranteed prices. A Certified B Corp brand, they built a school in Egypt to combat child labor, and are now working on building a second one. Sizes go up to 2XL.

G-Star Raw

G-Star’s Raw collection uses natural and recycled materials along with nontoxic dyes and environmentally-responsible manufacturing processes. Sizes go up to 44/2XL.


This company makes cold-weather coats, apparel basics, tennis shoes, and backpacks from upcycled materials like PET bottles and fishing nets. Sizes go up to 2XL.


Another great option for vintage and secondhand fashion, TheRealReal is a huge marketplace for luxury secondhand apparel and accessories. Sizes go up to 2XL.

Zero Waste Daniel

Daniel Silverstein (center) creates beautiful textile artwork from upcycled fabric scraps, which is incorporated into custom streetwear that both men and women can wear. You’ll get a ton of compliments on your ZWD piece, I promise. Read more about Zero Waste Daniel. Sizes go up to 2XL.

Kirrin Finch

This menswear-inspired brand uses organic and natural materials and low-impact dyes to create gender-defying fashion for the female and non-binary body. 80% of it is sewn right in New York. Their sizes go to up to 24 or 2XL.

Big Bud

This made-in-LA brand provides jumpsuits that look good on every body—male, female, and whatever else. Sizes go up to 2XL.

[Psst… check out our roundups of the best sustainable fashion stores for men and non-binary brands as well.]

We really want to add to this post! If you know of another brand carrying ethical, sustainable clothing for men, let us know by emailing [email protected].

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