Alexis and Alden Wicker of EcoCultWhen someone offers you free organic cocktails, you do not turn that down.

That’s how I ended up at my old haunt, Hotel Chantelle, sipping a variety of delicious organic cocktails. I asked my friend Alexis to come along and give her opinion as well on the custom cocktails of VIP Mixologists, who just launched in the New York City and Tri-State area. While a jazz band played in the corner, we each tried three different drinks delivered to us with a smile by the bartender and other servers circling the party.

VIP Mixologists is New York City’s first mobile organic bartending service that offers organic and low calorie cocktails created with certified organic ingredients and 100% organic spirits. If you want to snag some recipes for organic drinks, just take a look at their website for cocktails like Citrus de Mayo and Hibiscus Margarita.

I can say that we both enjoyed the cocktails. While they weren’t at the level of a mixologist bar like Apotheke, they were refreshing and easy to imbibe. And really, when you throw a party, the cocktails should be quick and easy to make, and reside in the background, not take over the spotlight! In that respect, they were a success.


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Organic shots

For the record, we both recoiled at taking shots. It was a weeknight, and we are older than 25. When we were finally convinced, it was the most delicious, innocuous shot ever. _DSC3583 Alden Wicker and Alexis Navratil Organic Cocktail Organic Bartending service VIP Mixologists Event Organic cocktail