The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

How to Market Your Sustainable Fashion Brand to the U.S Conscious Consumer

EcoCult gets a ton of pitches from small sustainable brands. And we say no to the vast majority of them. There’s a variety of reasons: the brand doesn’t explain its sustainability very well, it’s already been done before and better by other brands, the style isn’t very good, the pictures aren’t very good, the online store is confusing, or the overall marketing is all wrong for the kind of conscious consumer who reads EcoCult.

You see, EcoCult only partners with brands we think will sell. We don’t take money from brands that we don’t think will recoup their investment. Getting featured on EcoCult and on other websites is only half — nay, a quarter — of the battle. We could write about you, but once people click over and to your site, if your website isn’t set up properly and your photos aren’t appealing and your sustainability page reads weird, then they won’t actually buy your product, no matter how much traffic we send your way.

I don’t have the bandwidth to give such extensive feedback to every brand that we pass on. So, I created this bilingual course: How to Break Into the U.S. Sustainable Fashion Market. It’s a five-week course that has literally everything I could possibly say to an ambitious designer or fashion professional who wants reach the kind of conscious customer who cares about well-crafted, beautiful design — and will pay for it.

This is what you’ll find in there:

  1. What makes a brand truly sustainable and ethical, and the steps you need to take to be confident in using that label for yourself
  2. The different types of conscious consumers in the U.S. and what drives their purchasing decisions
  3. How to set up your website to build trust and drive sales
  4. Creative alternatives to the wholesale seasonal model and what kind of sales calendar could work for your brand
  5. How to leverage publications, blogs, and social media to tell your story and drive sales.

By the end of this course, you’ll have an action plan that is customized for you and your brand. And yes, thanks to the hard work of the Academia Moda Sostenible team, it comes in both Spanish and English! (I’ve linked here to the English version.) I first designed it with Latin American designers in mind, but what you will learn applies to Asian, African, and European designers as well. Even U.S. designers will get so much out of it.

What a course graduate had to say:

“I’m reaching out to say thank you. I know the course was marketed to Latin American companies looking to break into the US market, but as an independent artisan located in Massachusetts, the course was still incredibly helpful. Best money I’ve spent on business continuing education, and I’ve spent plenty of money over the last 8 years (so many courses and business coaches are pure garbage, ugh). Thank you again, for sharing valuable information and opening my eyes to the do’s and dont’s of connecting with sustainable consumers!” – Irina Margaitis, Irina Victoria Jewelry

So don’t relegate this to the to-do list. Register today and get started.

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, the above says “This is your moment.” But don’t worry, this course is also in English!


A little more about why I’m doing this course…

I love speaking with designers and small business owners, but often I have to turn down requests for coffee because I just don’t have time to meet with everyone and do the research and writing that I cherish. I ended up having to put a price on my time, just so I could separate out the serious requests from fashion entrepreneurs, from the casual, aimless requests from people who think they might want to launch a brand at some point.

I also often get pitches from brands where I think, “The best thing I could do for you is not write about you, but give you advice on how to improve so that you’re ready for coverage!” I can send you traffic, but if your website isn’t ready for it? Then it’s a waste.

I tell myself that this is what successful women have to do (say no) but I still have to push through icky feelings whenever I steer up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs toward a phone call that charges by the minute. Yes, it protects my time so I can get into the kind of deep-flow work I cherish. But in practice, I end up having rushed, 30-minute conversations with entrepreneurs where I can only impart a sliver of what I know.

This course, which is priced at $199 is the perfect solution. It allows me to efficiently and affordably teach what I know to an unlimited number of sustainable (or aspiring-to-be sustainable) fashion professionals. It’s jam-packed with information, readings, quizzes, worksheets, videos, and more. And if after you’re done you still have questions for me that are specific to your brand? Drop me a line and we can set up a consult. But this will give you a good grounding in the concepts you need to know as a sustainable fashion entrepreneur.

Making this course for you is also a way for me to stay unbiased in my reporting. For transparency’s sake, I am paid a portion of the sale price of every course sold. So obviously, I want you to take it! But I don’t see who is buying the course, only the number of people buying it. So, don’t take the course to get on my good side and gain coverage. Take this course because you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level.

Ready to get started? Sign up here.

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