Victor Athletics organic sweatshirt // Made in Tennessee

There is beauty in a basic done really, really well.

Because unlike a cocktail dress, or statement necklace or killer heels, a basic is something that you end up wearing every day. It’s easy, comforting and comfortable.

So you might scoff at the idea that I would write a whole post about a sweatshirt. But I am. This sweatshirt deserves it.


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It’s been a sadly cold spring. I work out several times a week, and I was doing this weird thing where I pulled a thin fashion sweatshirt over a hooded, fitted athletic top. It was kind of nice looking (layers, oh la la), but annoying and not very effective.

Then I was sent this organic hoodie by Victor Athletics, a new offshoot of Noble Denim, a company that wants to revive American manufacturing by making small-batch runs in Tennessee. I had heard of Noble Denim, but since they make guy’s jeans and I’m a girl, I just slotted their cool story away for future reference.

Victor Athletics is for both women and men, however. It’s an entirely organic, vintage-inspired clothing company that is made in the US, sold directly to the customer at wholesale prices, and gives 5 percent of its after tax profits back to the factory. They blew their Kickstarter campaign out of the water, and now you can pre-order their ethically made crewnecks, pants, t-shirts, and soft hoodies to be shipped out July 20th.

Victor Athletics organic sweatshirt // Made in Tennessee

They sent me a sweatshirt to try and now I wear it almost every day. It’s made of a super-soft, medium weight French terry in vintage-y American blue, with a hoodie and drawstrings finished in metal aglets. It’s so simple and humble, and yet it’s what I needed to just live my life, free of logos or pretentious and fashionable workout clothing. It serves its purpose beautifully, which is to keep me comfortable and warm.

It’s just a sweatshirt, but it’s a really good sweatshirt. If only all the things we buy could be so sustainable and eminently useful.

Thanks to Nichole from Joie de Vivre for helping me take the pictures!