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You know where to get your clothes and your design-y things, but what about everyday home supplies? Nope, I’m not talking about Soap or even Vine–as well intentioned as they are. I’m talking about a site with a standards high enough to satisfy the most picky and annoying of environmentalists: True Goods.

Launched in October, True Goods is an online shop for non-toxic goods based in Denver, Colorado, with shipping all over the U.S. It offers a consciously curated selection of household goods and personal care products that have been rigorously investigated according to (almost) impossibly high safety standards. Alongside the products, you’ll find articles and resources to educate yourself.

“The reality is the people who are really concerned about these issues, they are looking for more, better,” founder Elizabeth Wasserman told me. “You get sick of products that don’t work, that don’t look good, that make you look like you live in a commune. There are products out there and companies that are doing great things. There’s a way to do it that is stylish.” Amen, sister.

Check out the site, and you’ll find classy gifts like a fancy shaving kit, organic wooden toys for kids, organic personal care products from brands you’ll recognize and new ones you haven’t seen before, and home and kitchen products. It’s nice to turn off your brain for once as you peruse, knowing that they’re actually looking out for your best interest. “We have MDs on staff,” Wasserman told me. “If there are ingredients that we’re not clear about, we can say, ‘Is this ok?'”

True Goods non-toxic home products

True Goods puts human health above all, because, as Wasserman says, “If it’s safe for humans, it’s most likely safe for the environment. Not everyone cares about the rain forest, the polar bears or the fair labor practices. But everyone can rally around human safety for themselves and the people that they love.”

Wasserman was a light shade of green for some time, but when her daughter got sick and she had to detox her home, she was frustrated by her options. “I should be able to pick something off the shelf and know if it’s safe. But even at Whole Foods, I would stand there for 20 minutes trying to pick a product.” So she launched an online store that would be accessible to everyone, not just neighborhoods that have a Whole Foods.

True Goods discount codeWasserman was nice enough to give me store credit to try out the store, and I can report that the checkout process worked seamlessly, and my package was shipped and arrived promptly. Most impressive was the packaging. I ordered a candle and some organic wooden toy cars for my nephew–they both arrived nestled in packing paper, with no plastic, bubble wrap, peanuts, extra boxes, or styrofoam. The wooden toy cars were merely tied together with twine. Oh, if only all shipping was done this way!

If you would like to try it for your self, I secured you a nice discount (just in time for holiday shopping!). It’s in the graphic above.

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