Hoard your lunch money this week, my sustainable fashion enthusiasts, because there are two sustainable sales going on this week!

On Thursday, head to the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. It’s a bit out of the way in Brooklyn, but it will be well worth it! The accelerator is a hotbed of sustainable and ethical advocacy and you’ll likely end up having a stimulating conversation with a fashion designer while you’re there. I would especially keep your eyes open for pieces from Suzanne Rae, Kordal, and Study NY.

Sustainable Fashion Sale Then start your weekend at Swords-Smith, a boutique of independent designers on the south side of Williamsburg. While not all labels are sustainable, the owners at SS are well-versed in all fashion issues and are thrilled to answer questions to guide you to the perfect piece for your sartorial and conscious needs. Just a hint from me, I would pick out items from these designers to start: Samantha Pleet, Dusen Dusen, H Fredriksson, Morgan Carper, and Upstate.