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Our Favorite at-Home Beauty Kits from Non-Toxic Brands

Photo: 100% Pure

If you’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future with no access to your regular salon and an infinite amount of time to kill, an at-home spa day might sound like a great idea right about now. Since self-care rituals are even more important during a global pandemic, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite non-toxic skincare, hair dye, manicure, and spa sets so you can pamper yourself from home.

Of course, you definitely don’t have to spend a bunch of money on fancy formulations in order to take good care of yourself. Eating healthy foods, getting a good amount of sleep, and doing what you can to manage stress are first and foremost.

Then, use what you already have! A cheap bag of Epsom salt, an Aztec clay facial, and a jar of coconut oil can go a long way. Or try dying your hair with food coloring!

But if you’re lucky enough to be on a salary right now and have some extra coin to pamper yourself (or to gift something sweet to a struggling friend), it’s a great time to support small, sustainable businesses like the ones below.


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For Your Face & Body:

OSEA Malibu At-Home Spa Set

OSEA’s 3-step At-Home Spa Set will leave your face and body feeling so luxurious. Their sustainably-harvested seaweed is their “secret” ingredient, included in most of their products. They have a list of harmful ingredients that are never in any of their products, so everything is non-toxic and vegan.


MyChelle’s Exfoliators and Masks

MyChelle’s prices are a little more affordable, while their products are all still incredibly clean and responsibly-sourced. All of their products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances and colors and GMOs. We recommend one of their masks, scrubs, or peels for your at-home spa day.


Clean Resolutions Intro Kit from 100% Pure

This is an especially great option for those who are just starting out their clean beauty journey. It includes the basic swaps you need to get started, plus a couple of fun extras like the Bright Eyes undereye masks.

100% Pure’s products are non-toxic, organic, vegan, and biodegradable. At their 8-acre headquarter property, the team operates using 100% solar power and was recognized by the city of San Jose as having the lowest amount of landfill garbage.


Wilding Gua Sha Empress Collection

If you haven’t hopped on the gua sha train yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try. It’s a much more accessible and clean way to achieve all kinds of things like face and neck lymphatic drainage (detox), wrinkle prevention, facial tension release, pore minimization, skin brightening, and more. Plus, honestly, it just feels really luxurious.

The Wildling founders believe in harnessing the wisdom of nature to restore the body’s innate beauty and flow by practicing the rituals that wise women from across time have used to restore their connection to nature and rediscover a form of beauty that is healthy, sustainable, and wild. To create their Empress Oil and Tonic, they work with local farms, sustainably wild foraged plants, and global fair-trade communities. Each plant is harvested at peak potency in its thriving habitat.


Tata Harper’s In-Home Spa Tools & Kits

Tata Harper has an amazing collection of in-home spa tools and facial sets for a variety of different purposes. She has everything from facial cupping sets and recovery eye tea, to detox facial kits and med spa treatments. All of Tata Harper’s 300+ high-quality ingredients are sourced consciously from over 68 countries around the world, and everything is completely free from GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, fillers, and other toxins.


Orgaid Sheet Masks

Orgaid founder Ian Baek, PhD, knows biomaterials and their therapeutic effects in the body. He wondered: What if you could deliver the benefits of organic ingredients into the body through the skin? To find out, he literally built a R&D laboratory in his Illinois bedroom. There, he created advanced sheet mask technology that delivers high-quality organic ingredients deep into skin.



Detox Mode Total Body Refresh from The Detox Market

This kit includes a Happening Scrub, Altogether Oil, and Here + There Balm, all of which are made from clean ingredients and formulated to leave your skin soft, hydrated, and detoxified.


Advanced Guide to Cheating Death from Surreal Skincare

Surreal Skincare is a trans-owned skincare business that uses natural tree resin extracts that contain extraordinary, healing compounds for more bang for your buck. They have a more mild and simple Beginner’s and more Advanced Guide to Cheating Death which will totally resurface your face. Heads up that the mask is icy hot and a little intense, but totally safe and will probably be your favorite thing by the time you’re done with it! Get 25% off with the code ECOCULT.


Create Your Own Kit from Naturally London

If you’re looking for something to give your tired feet some love, this might be it. Whether you want just the essentials, or something ultra-moisturizing, you can choose from their foot soak, mask, polish, oil, and balm to create your own kit.


For Your Hair:

Hairprint Color Restorer

Hairprint is not a dye. Rather, it actually replenishes the natural pigment found in brown and black hair that has turned gray. It’s also a true protein treatment that will add body, strength, texture, and sheen while reducing frizz, and discoloration. The treatment can be applied at home in about 75-90 minutes.

Organic Hair Dyes from Desert Shadow

Desert Shadow’s at-home hair-dye kits are certified organic, vegan, and palm oil free. (Plus they have a bunch of other sustainability and community commitments as well.) They carry a variety of natural colors from blonde to black, and they’re all less than $20.


Hemp Hair Dye from Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil henna hair color cream is made with henna, so it offers a safer and all natural way to cover your grey or change your color, while simultaneously protecting your scalp. Most of their color options are on the darker side, and prices range from $6 to $20. Check out their FAQs about henna here!


Herbal Hair Dye from Herbatint

Herbatint is actually the first hair color company that’s a B Corp. They have an even wider variety of natural colors to choose from, all made from herbal extracts. Or, you can mix and match the kits to create your own color if you want.


For Your Hands & Nails:

REN Recycled Plastic Hand Wash & Lotion Set

This clean, vegan Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Energising Hand Wash & Hand Lotion set features natural botanicals that renew and revitalize with the fresh scents of sage, cypress geranium and rosemary. Each bottle is made with 20% reclaimed ocean plastic (the other 80% is made from recycled plastic bottles).


Mani/Pedi Kits from Sundays

Sundays put together pre-made kits so you have everything you need for an at-home mani and/or pedi. (They also have a non-toxic gel removal kit as well.) Use the code HomeGift20 for $20 off.

Lauren B. Beauty’s nail products are made from simple, non-toxic ingredients, so they won’t damage your skin or nails. If you have brittle or hard-to-grow nails, their Nail Growth Serum is a sheer blend of amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamins E and C, peptides and biotin sinks in instantly to boost natural nail growth and strength.

Check out this post for my reviews of 12 different non-toxic nail polishes.


For Your Peace:

Total Tranquility Set from BLK + GRN

For more holistic wellbeing, check out this gorgeous tranquility set from BLK + GRN. It includes a chakra soy candle, white sage smudge stick, herbal tea, and essential oils, all to help ease anxiety and provide a calming environment for you in your home as you care for yourself and your loved ones. You can read more about BLK + GRN here.


Organic CBD Supplements from Prima

Prima’s CBD products are made from organically grown and tested whole hemp extract. They then optimize their formulas for better absorption with things like clove bud, black pepper, and curcumin oils, helping to deliver the cannabinoids more efficiently and effectively than traditional hemp oils. If you’re feeling stressed, CBD can help you stay focused during the day and wind down during the evening. Get 20% off with code ECOCULT.


CBD Starter Kit from Credo Beauty

You already know about the potential for CBD to help relax and ease anxiety. This kit includes Vertly CBD Infused Bath Salts, Shea Brand CBD Natural Pain Reliever Balm, Khus + Khus RASA Restorative Potion Body Balm, and Saint Jane Microdose Lip Gloss (to help you feel sane, even if you’re not leaving the house).


Starter Kit from Goodnight Darling Co.

Goodnight Darling Co. has put together a kit to help you unwind and get to sleep, with a relaxing herbal tea blend, a deep detox bath soak, a lavender soy candle, and lavender room spray.


Herbivore Botanicals Bath Salts & Soak

With Herbivore Botanicals, all ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic benefits, focused around high-quality, food-grade vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that are combined to nurture and restore the skin, as well as provide a moment of indulgence for the user. Draw yourself a warm bath, and let their bath salts and soaks relax your body and soften your skin.


Therapy Bath Salts from 100% Pure

100% Pure’s bath salts are another great option—they have a seaweed detox one, a relaxing lavender one, and a refreshing eucalyptus one. These help to replenish necessary minerals through your skin while providing an aromatherapy experience in the bathtub.


Hemp-Infused Soaks from Unplugged

Inspired by the benefits of Flotation Therapy, the team at Unplugged Essentials created a line of luxurious Hemp Soaks with ingredients like Epsom salt, hemp, charcoal, and essential oils to detox and nourish you inside and out.




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