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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Nike’s New App Educates Designers on Best Sustainable Fabrics

This post originally appeared on Spades + siLK, an NYC-based blog on sustainable fashion. 

Nike has just launched MAKING, a new (free) app for designers and product creators to better grasp the environmental impact of the materials they use. The user-friendly application ranks apparel materials based on four environmental impact areas: water, chemistry, energy and waste. Although much of this information is already available for creators (if they seek it out), the app’s easy-to-use, sharp graphic interface holds an unparalleled appeal to the visual language of designers.

Drawing from seven years of research collected within Nike’s Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), and close collaboration with students from London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion, the app is loaded with information. Currently , the app highlights 22 of the most commonly used materials in apparel, but Nike is talking of expanding to a footwear material section as well.


“Innovation is in Nike’s DNA, and sustainability is an integral part of Nike’s design process,” said Lee Holman, Nike VP of Apparel Design. “We’ve created the MAKING app to empower any designer around the world to make better materials choices in the initial stages of the innovation process to ultimately create products that are better for consumers and better for the planet.”

The well-researched app has the potential to play a huge role for the makers of the industry. Informing and educating is the first step. Kudos Nike.


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