The Gates foundation has a rather large blemish on its reputation: It’s heavily invested in the oil, processed food, Walmart, and prison industries.

You can’t sell ethical fashion as an ugly pity product, says this Telegraph columnist. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. (via My Fair Vanity)

A staffer at NY Mag’s the cut tried out a variety of nice beauty masks that contain honey.

The city is telling Citibike members to keep rolling through the winter, and they are doing just that.

Ten Over Ten opened its third non-toxic nail studio in SoHo at 132 Houston Street, New York, NY.

Get a little peek at H&M’s 2014 Conscious Collection, fronted by Amber Valetta.

More gut-wrenching journalism on factory farms, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Olive Wilde is very much into conscious consumerism.

There’s a shiny new recycling center in NYC! Take a look at the pictures.