The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

News You Need to Know: Park Slope Food Co-Op Has a Shoplifting Problem


Amour Vert has launched a sparkly, festive, holiday capsule collection.

Read this lovely little profile of NYC sustainable fashion writer Juliette Donatelli on the new website Distillerist, and find out her beauty and fashion secrets!

The allure of Black Friday seems to be on the wane as stores struggle to post numbers this year. It’s a good thing, since the death count is getting high for this so-called “holiday.”

The book Climate Casino provides a fascinating overview of climate science and economics, according to this New York Times review.

Hot dog vendors were kicked out of Washington Square Park, while nicer vendors like Otto Enoteca’s gelato cart will stay. On the one hand, who eats those terrible hot dogs, anyway? On the other, elitism much?

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, the famous Park Slope Food Co-Op has suffered from shoplifting lately. Given that it is owned by the people who shop there, that is prit-e dumb.

Say it isn’t so, Santa! Christmas tree farms are shutting down due to climate change.

H&M, upon seeing the gut-wrenching videos of angora rabbit abuse, has suspended ordering angora products.

Sustainable jewelry designer Pamela Love has teamed up with Liberty United to create a beautiful collection of jewelry from old bullets.

Here’s gorgeous proof of climate change: before and after pictures of glaciers retreating and lakes drying up.

A study found that food tastes better when we think it’s organic. Whatever works! Pass the organic pancakes, please.

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