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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

News You Gotta Know: Why Did 3rd Ward Abruptly Shutter?


The most terrifying thing all week: By 2047 the coldest average years will be boiling hot by today’s standard. Or to put it another way, there will always be devastating heat waves. ALWAYS. If you want a preview, this Twilight Zone episode based in NYC, where the sun is moving closer to earth, might be a nice approximation. Related: Carbon capture projects aren’t doing very well. [New York Times]

Also scary: Who will be keeping an eye on the Indian Point nuclear plant (30 miles from Midtown!) when 90% of nuclear regulators are furloughed? [Inhabitat]

Beloved artist collective, party space, and art school 3rd Ward shut it’s doors abruptly this week, with no refunds to people who paid thousands for workspace, membership and classes. Teachers are also unpaid. Rumors surmise it failed because the founder is a crook, an idiot, or both. [New York Observer and Gothamist]

Ew. The Gowanus must be one of the most filthy rivers on earth. If you were to drink  water from it, you would get diarrhea. And cancer. [Grist]

I’ve been waffling back and forth for some time on whether I should take the bus or train to nearby cities. The train is massively more expensive, but comfortable, and (I thought) more environmentally friendly. Turns out the bus is the eco-friendly choice. My wallet is grateful. [Mother Jones]

Gwyneth Paltrow teamed up with Ecoalf for an accessories line. OK, fine, the backpack is pretty cute. [Ecorazzi]

More juice bars every day! Check out this list of juice bars in Brooklyn, some of which have real food that you chew, too. [Well+Good]

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