My old boss launched a venture called Army of Dads, where fathers can join and support ethical and safe brands and products. Check it out!

Didn’t forget about the Bangladesh factory collapse, did you? Keep up with all the ways the industry hasn’t changed with this excellent Pulitzer Center reporting. Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Safety Accord has gone public with a list of 1,600 factories. But Gap’s main factory beats its workers, makes them work 100 hours a week and pays them so little they run out of money for food by the third week of the month. Don’t shop there. [Ecouterre]

There’s a billboard in Times Square that draws attention to the alarming problem of elephant poaching. [Ecorazzi]

Pearl Spivey’s dedication to her Bronx urban garden is incredibly inspiring. [NY Times]

The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg has a hip new pop-up store, including an aisle of natural beauty products. [Well+Good NYC]

New York City residents are exposed to more pesticides than rural residents. Blame the roaches. [Grist]