Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

New NYC Bill Would Require 10 Cent Fee on Plastic Bags

plastic bag NYC

Have you every flipped out your reusable bag at Duane Reade, only to see the girl next to you accept a plastic bag to carry her extremely heavy toothbrush? Man, if only ladies had bags on them at all times that were big enough to carry a toothbrush--oh, wait ...

New legislation introduced Tuesday is trying to change the habits of New Yorkers, by requiring retail and grocery stores to charge consumers at least 10 cents per plastic bag used. Paper bags are included in the legislation, but according to Gothamist, plastic bags are the main target. Restaurants are excluded, since there aren't many good alternatives for delivering food. You can also have a plastic bag for your meat, free of charge.

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