The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

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Friday links

Hi readers! I’m restarting this Friday link-up after a long, long time of just doing it in my newsletter. It’s a way for me to show my fellow bloggers love, as well as keep you apprised of the sustainable chatter going on in the scene (and my head). I’m sorry this one is so long. I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while, so I have collected lots of interesting things. I hope you enjoy it!

Me, Elsewhere on the Internet

1 | Kasi of The Peahen and I were interviewed by the American Fashion Podcast about sustainable fashion. | American Fashion Podcast

(I’ve become a contributor to mindbodygreen! Expect more articles on the regular from me.)

2 | 11 sustainable sundresses to freshen up your wardrobe | mindbodygreen

3 | A roundup of all the most chic white t-shirts. | mindbodygreen

4 | This entrepreneur is solving the biggest eco problem in the Garment District that you did not know about. | mindbodygreen

5 | It’s not just you. Blame that vag smell on the polyester. | Refinery29

6 | That lovely floral salon I attended … heaven. | Garden Collage


1 | Emerging designers face these 7 challenges when trying to scale and stay sustainable | Fashionista 

2 | Will consumers ever be able to easily identify greenwashing? | Fashionista

3 | Luxury brands can no longer ignore sustainability. | Harvard Business School

4 | More sustainable sunglasses options! | Leotie Lovely

5 | 12 great sites for shopping sustainable menswear | Eluxe Magazine

6 | Sustainable blogger Christen Gerhart looks super cute in her Reformation romper. I have the same one, but in red, and without the off-the-shoulder look. Now I’m jealous! | Christen Gerhart

7 | Lily Cole is back being ethically cute with these wire sunglasses made in Zimbabwe | Eluxe Magazine

8 | A super cute, boho brand: Have Love, Must Travel. | Sustainably Chic

9 | Oh wait, another! | Sustainably Chic

10 | Everything you need to know about polyester… | Eco-Chick

11 | Except the fact that it is a huge, huge problem for marine life. | The Guardian

12 | A fellow EWC blogger launched her sustainable fashion brand – learn all about it! | These Native Goods

13 | Shinola isn’t as “made in Detroit” as they’ve been saying. | Hodinkee

14 | The much anticipated HIGG index is disappointing, so far. | The Guardian

15 | Which fashion brands are actually detoxing their collections? | Green Peace


1 | 6 awesome things that happen when you stop eating sugar | Rodale’s Organic Life

2 | Luckily, scientists may have found a way to strip sugar from our food and leave it tasty. | Quartz

3 | Did you know even paper tea bags might have synthetic material in them? | Tortoise Lady & Grey

4 | Is cage-free really better than conventional eggs? Maybe not. | NY Times

5 | Everything scary about food in one handy story | Grub Street

6 | Maybe you shouldn’t eat Driscoll’s berries …| Democracy Now! 


1 | If you thought the fight against microbeads was over (I did), it’s not. | Eco-Chick

2 | The best books to learn about anti-aging | The Peaceful Dumpling

3 | What they don’t tell you about birth control pills | Sotela

4 | Would you try these solid shampoos? | Huffington Post


1 | Maybe instead of Kondo-ing your home, you should be mindful of what you buy in the first place. | NY Times

2 | 8 things your garbage man knows about you | Rodale’s Organic Life


1 | On the hunt for some eco-friendly and ethical wedding favors, gifts, and stationary! | Freestate

Big Ideas

1 | The other side is not stupid. | Medium

2 | It’s not climate change. It’s everything change. | Medium

3 | LED lights, and why nobody has figured out the problem of planned obsolescence. | NY Times

4 | 10 ways to fix a no good, very bad day, from my new friend, Grace! | The Stripe

5 | You could also go take a walk in nature – it’s scientifically proven to help your mind. | Time


Patagonia’s excellent new short documentary on the ways we can make our food supply more sustainable: Unbroken Ground


Bring an artisan to NYC for training through Nest’s fundraiser.

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