There are just too many sustainable things coming out for me to cover each individually! So I round them up once a month in a big post full of goodness. Things were a bit quiet this month as retailers recover from Christmas, but there are still some new goodies on my radar. Check it out:

Need: Verità Organic Makeup Remover


Call me a trend victim, but I am a fan of argan oil. I’ve been using this pure makeup remover, with sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, rose hip oil, and argan oil, for the past few months, and it does a lovely job of swiping off my cat eye, while leaving my skin soft and nourished. It has a high concentration of vitamin E, B1, B2, and B6, A (retinol), and antioxidants to moisturize skin and prevent wrinkles. It’s meant to be used with a reusable cotton round (which is exactly how I use it). A little bit will go a long way, so the $20 price is a steal.

Love: Delikate Rayne

delikate1 delikate3

This vegan fashion brand is firmly committed both to cruelty-free products (a.k.a. vegan) and a clean, modern silhouette. The vegan, stretchy leather is, “PVC free. Instead, we use a sustainable PU (polyurethane) which is a much safer alternative not only for humans, but the environment as well.” PU just doesn’t contain as many carcinogens and other toxic chemicals as PVC, though that doesn’t mean it’s a completely natural product. It does mean that as a vegan, you can get the leather look.

Want: Helpsy Alpaca Crown


For lady who needs something more interesting than just a beanie, Helpsy paired up with Hortensia Handmade to design these luxe Alpaca Crowns in dusty pink, salmon, beige, charcoal, and black. The alpaca is sourced and the crown handmade in Peru.

(Why EcoCult loves alpaca.)

Want: Espresso Mug by Redraven Studios


The color palette of this expresso mug is inspired by the aura of Glacier National Park in Montana. Each piece is slip cast in English porcelain from a handmade mold, and then hand-painted in Pittsburgh, PA, with a 14k gold luster.

Love: Salty Bag

Salty Bag Duffel
salty bag

This Greek company takes decommissioned sails and turns them into high-quality purses, clutches, duffels and messenger bags. Each bag comes with a story of the sailboat’s adventures, as well.