Clear lucite clutch by Mettle

A few weeks ago I fell down a rabbit hole into a world of brass and lucite.

The brand is called Mettle, and hails from Down Under with jewelry and accessories possessed of a demonic and refined edge. Bones, knuckles, chains and lucite say, “I may look good, but don’t fuck with me.”

Perhaps this nod to life and death is fitting, since the brass Mettle uses is recycled bomb materials from the Khmer Rouge region of Cambodia. All the items are fair trade, produced in Cambodia and Indonesia by a worker-owned co-op. Even the belts and iPad cases are made from eco leather. The only drawback is that you will be ordering this all the way from Australia. Given all its other style and ethical credentials, I think that’s OK. 

The clear, lucite clutch I ordered with brass hinges and magnetic handle/closure inspired awe from everyone who saw it, and forced me to pair down my going-out items to just those that look good floating in a display case. When we rolled up to a bar in Williamsburg, the bouncer asked to look inside my friend’s backpack. Then he turned to me, and I held up my clutch with an insouciant look. “Whoa,” he said, peering at it. “Yeah, go on in, girl.”

Unfortunately, word got out and the clutch is sold out everywhere. But there are still other Mettle accessories to be had. Take a look:

Brass cuff Mettle


This box cuff with a raised bone appliqué is attached to a matching box ring for a luxuriously rock-and-roll look.



It’s what they called a “hinged handcuff” with a brass plate protecting your hand in battle, or as you dive into the scrum of the club.

hinged head piece in brass


Tired of twee flowers or cheap braided wraps for your head? Tame your main with the weight of this brass hinged head piece fit for a goddess.

ankle wrist cuffsCartier’s lock-and-key bracelet has nothing on these tasseled wrist/ankle cuffs. Just the thing for dressing up your plain black heels. Or, just imagine resting your chin in your hand with one of these locked around your wrist, as you peer down the bar at the mysterious man sipping an Old Fashioned.

ipad case brass and leather

Protect your iPad from slings and arrows of life with this armored leather case.

iphone case brass This case is so eye-catching and luxe, you should probably refrain from pulling out your iPhone when in a Brooklyn subway station late at night. Just a thought.

brass knuckle ring

Not to be confused with brass knuckles, this brass knuckle ring shaped like bones alludes to the fact that you will punch a girl out if she butts you in line for the bathroom.

chain lucite and brass ring

Two is better than one with these lucite and brass, attached by a chain. I suggest putting the rings on the same hand for better dexterity.

brass pyramid purse

Sharp in every sense of the word, if you’re looking to catch a street photographer’s eye at Fashion Week, this pyramid purse is a good bet.