So my mom calls me up yesterday, and asks me, “What size are you wearing?”

“Let’s see, XS on the top, S on the bottom, size four … wait, wait. Just put a pause on that for, like, one day. I promise, I’ll have my wish list out tomorrow. Can you wait a bit?”

“OK, honey. I’ll wait.”

Man, I knew I needed to get this out early. My mom is an efficient shopper–she likes to get all that stuff done before Thanksgiving. In her mind, Black Friday is for people who don’t have it together. So while I agree with you that Christmas season shouldn’t start until after the turkey has been put in tupperware containers, I either put out my first gift guide now and direct my family toward more sustainable gift-giving, or roll the dice and see what comes up. And as I discussed yesterday, this whole gift giving issue gives me a significant amount of guilt and angst.

Plus, gift guides strike me as weird. I actually have no idea what your dad, brother, or best friend are like. Therefore, how can I tell you what they might want for Christmas? Dads are not some monolithic group of people who all want Shinola watches. Bffs don’t all love glitter nail polish, either. No, the only person I can truly speak for is  myself.

So, as promised, here are 44 ethical and sustainable items that I would be super thrilled to receive under the Christmas tree. May you be inspired for your own Christmas shopping. Or, if you like this stuff, pass this post along to your own family and pin it to your Pinterest board. (Stay tuned for a guide on where to look for ethical and sustainable gifts for everyone on your list later.)

Happy (early) Holidays!


I use this resource constantly for EcoCult research.

I use this resource constantly for EcoCult research.

A well-run organization that defends the water I drink.

A well-run organization that defends the water I drink.

They do the legal work to protect the environment.

They do the legal work to protect the environment.

Stocking Stuffers

stocking_mischo stocking_abc_jinsoon
stocking_abc_ilia stocking_lizzie_nails

Under $20

20_abc_budvase 201_girlboss
20_urban_readthis 20_littlemarket_napkin


Under $50

50_fatradish 50_nourished
50_ecohabitude 50_urban_crystals
50_urban_makeup 50_moorea_poster
50_accompany_earrings 50_urban_cocktails
50_holsteefoodrules 50_urban_terrkit
50_rodales_butter 50_accompany_coasters
50_urban_goldkit 50_accompany_tumbler
50_far_trivet 50_uncommon_honey

Under $100

100_Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.01.02 PM 100_urban_dress
100_liberty 100_abc_aoyama
 100_Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.05.27 PM  100_rodales_flatware
100_littlemarket_runner 100_rodales_server

Big Ballin’

ballin_shaina_imogen1_grande ballin_eaburns
ballin_alexisrussel ballin_indelustearrings
ballin_Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.13.01 PM ballin_lizzie_print
ballin_lizzie_collage ballin_accompany_pillow
ballin_Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.45.09 PM