I’m not religious. Anymore, anyway. Yes, I know Christmas has the word Christ in it, but we all know by now it’s a modern amalgamation of Christian, Pagan, and commercial rituals. Still, it feels like magic.

So I celebrate it, of course. I celebrate the twinkle lights, and picking out the perfect present for everyone. (Presents are great, because they force you to really spend time thinking about what your relatives and friends like and want.) I celebrate eating a few home-cooked meals, and introducing my boyfriend to the family. I celebrate pajamas and stocking and surprises. I celebrate food comas, peanut butter blossom cookies, eggnog, pecan pie and my new little nephew.

So I hope you take full advantage today of the chance to spend time with your family, totally relax, forget about work, and stuff your face full of really unhealthy food. Merry Christmas!