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Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Why Switching to a Menstrual Cup Will Change Your Life

Since I am already the proud owner of two menstrual cups (one for my bathroom and one at my boyfriend’s), I decided to ask my friend Lauren from Trash Is for Tossers to try the Lunette Cup for review. Glad I did! Here’s the hilarious result: 

I have been on my Zero Waste journey for a while now. But up until last month I was promoting organic cotton tampons and pads for that time of the month instead of plastic-wrapped, conventional feminine care products.

Organic tamps and pads are still good. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want pesticides in my hoo-ha. But thanks to a gift from Alden, I tried a menstrual cup by Lunette for the first time and it seriously changed my life, I kid you not. It’s like, “How did I not know about this?!?” 

Okay, you are probably saying, this girl is NUTS! But let me break it down for you and explain why a menstrual cup is the best investment a girl can make.

A menstrual cup is a medical-grade silicone cup that you insert into your vajay-jay, where it collects blood throughout the day. You only have to empty it once or twice per daily into the toilet, rinse it with some castile soap, and re-insert. I cleaned it and inserted it right before work, once when I got home, and then again before bed. There was even a night when I kept it in all day until bed time and it was absolutely fine, no leakage whatsoever! To remove you just tug on the little silicone “string” at the end and it comes right out.

(Disclaimer: there is a weird suction cup by which this is accompanied. Which was pretty funny the first time, but you get used to it.)

Best of all? It is a one-time $40 investment that yields a waste-free period for about ten years.

Let’s look at the economics of a menstrual cup …

Menstrual Cup:

39.99 x 1 purchase for ten years = $39.99

Organic cotton tampons:

$7.00/box x 2 boxes/month = $14.00/month x 10 years = $1,680

For net savings of: $1,640

Using a menstrual cup pays for itself after THREE MONTHS. I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot of things I could use $1,640 on.

So let me make this short and sweet: Menstrual cup good. Buy it. Use it. Your life will be easier, periods less gross, and life a lot less wasteful. Oh, and a little birdie told me that you can still “do it” while wearing one.

I’m sold.

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