All photos by Lydia Hudgens

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Knee-high wellies are a commitment.

Perhaps in a place like San Francisco, or Portland, or London they might make sense. But in New York, I always pull mine on at the beginning of the day, only to have the rain clear by noon. Then I feel silly galomping down the city street with the sun shining down. So, I’ve been keeping my eye out for a more subtle rain boot for those days when I’m splashing in the morning but not the rest of the day. 


Put it out there, and the universe will provide. Mamahuhu is an ethical shoe brand from Colombia, who trains artisans in economically disadvantaged areas as entrepreneurs. They make leather boots and moccasins, plus lace-up rainboots, like the ones I’m wearing in this picture. Mamahuhu funds the setup of workshop, purchase of machines, and provides the artisans with secure purchase orders, with the goal of turning unemployed artisans into sustainable business owners and job creators.

I’m also wearing a Reformation reworked vintage army jacket, a Bella Dahl flannel button down, a Zady tee, Gudrun & Gudrun leather leggings, an American Apparel hat, and sunglasses by Krewe.

They’ve found extensive success. They’ve been funded successfully on Kickstarter three times, have set up 12 workshops, employ 112 artisans, and have sold over 60,000 pairs of shoes. 

Mamahuhu is focused on sourcing 100% from Colombia, including:

  • The outer material on the rainboots, high-resistance polymer, for a waterproof barrier.
  • The outer sole, natural rubber, made in Bogota.
  • The interior cotton, sourced from the same tanneries as the leather. They chose to use cotton for the fluffy, thick interior because they consider it more comfortable than wool. It’s conventional cotton, because they decided to go with Colombian cotton.
  • Colombian leather for Mamahuhu’s other style of boots, which is certified chrome 6-free (that’s the famous carcinogenic chromium that co-starred in the movie Erin Brockovich, none of that, please), finished in a vegetable tanning process, and is dyed a bright array of colors with natural eco inks.


I was actually blown away by how comfortable these boots are! The fluffy cotton interior provides a cloud-soft cushion that wraps around my feet like a snug blanket. I love that they boots come in all different colors: a range of natural browns, bright colors like pink and green, metallics, and – my favorite color – black. They’re perfect if you’ll be walking through the snow or rain, and don’t want to be too precious about it. You just want to look cool and get where you’re going.

Versatile, ethical, cool… what’s not to like?

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