This summer we’re featuring sustainable and seasonal recipes from our favorite farmshare, Local Roots NYC. With over 22 pick up locations at neighborhood bars and cafes, New Yorkers can get all their weekly, locally grown groceries through Local Roots NYC: veggies, fruit, breads, dairy, meats, fish, and more. These recipes focus on ingredients local to NYC, utilizing sustainable cooking techniques that incorporate all parts of an ingredient in multiple ways throughout a dish.

Grilled Kohlrabi on a Bed of Vegetables

From Local Roots NYC guest chef, Angel Veza.

Don’t throw away those kohlrabi leaves! The leaves and additional stems are absolutely edible. They’re very similar to collard greens both in taste and texture and are delicious sautéed. Also, save yourself from extra prep work and leave the kohlrabi skin on! Don’t let that tough exterior fool you. Most chefs don’t realize that the skin is also edible, and when grilled, it becomes more tender.

Yield: 2 portions


• 1 Kohlrabi (with stems and leaves)

• 1 Bokchoy

• 10 Cremini mushrooms (small/medium, in size)


• Lemon juice

• Sesame oil

• Salt


Grilled Kohlrabi

1. Wash the kohlrabi. Remove and separate the stems and leaves. Slice the stems thinly, and chop the leaves into ribbons, about ¾ cm. thick. Set aside.

2. Leave the outer skin on and slice the kohlrabi, about ½ cm. thick.

3. Coat one side of the kohlrabi slices with EVOO. Make sure your grill is hot (about 450°-475°) and grill the kohlrabi with the coated side down. 

a. To achieve the traditional, criss-cross, grill marks (quadrillage), place the slices on the grill and evenly press down on the slices. Be careful not to move them. Once the first set of grill marks are made, turn the kohlrabi 45°, evenly press down, and be sure not to move them.

4. Remove the kohlrabi slices from the grill once they are tender and translucent.


1. Prepare the vegetables:

a. Wash the mushrooms. Slice mushrooms thinly, including the stems.

b. Separate the bokchoy leaves from the stem. Wash the stem and leaves thoroughly. Slice the stem thinly. Chop the bokchoy leaves into bite size pieces or leave them whole.

2. Sauté the mushrooms, bokchoy, and sliced kohlrabi stems/leaves separatelyas they all cook at different times. Respectively, remove the vegetables from the sauté pan once they are fully cooked and tender.

3. Drizzle sesame oil and lemon juice over the cooked vegetables, and season with salt. Toss to combine all of the ingredients. Taste and further season as desired.


1. Place down the medley of sautéed vegetables. Place the grilled kohlrabi slices on top of the vegetables. Sprinkle with salt, as desired.