Brook There organic cotton underwear and bra

Sponsored by Brook There organic underwear. They’re giving EcoCult readers 25% off with the code 25CULT through Monday, June 20th! I’m a huge fan of this company, and hope you’ll support EcoCult’s work by supporting them. 

When Marie Kondo speaks of objects sparking joy, I’m pretty sure she’s talking about Brook There undergarments.

When I get dressed for bed at night, I pull open my drawer of underthings, and my fingers gravitate toward this Maine company’s simple and pretty items. I know when I put them on, that I could comfortably wear them for 24 hours straight. They make me feel like my best self: reader of books, eater of homemade French toast, snuggler of cats.


And that is ultimately Brook There’s goal. “Confidence comes from being comfortable in one’s skin and one’s clothing – and confidence is the underpinning of beauty in every form,” they say.

Since 2007, Brook There’s garments have been designed, cut, and sewn in America, from a variety of organic and sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and real silk. Their designs are long-lasting and comfortable, and I especially like their latest release, a striped lingerie set, which they were so kind as to send me to try.* Um, I love it. The thong set is nice, too, and they have a French-style striped tee if you would like to go public with your affection for stripes and sustainability.

Organic lingerie by Brook There

And you know, organic cotton is so much healthier for your lady health than straight up polyester – because of its breathability – and much, much healthier for the planet than conventional cotton, which requires an enormous amount of pesticides and herbicides.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a set of sustainable lingerie. There will be plenty more rainy days and snuggly nights with which to enjoy it.

They’re giving EcoCult readers 25% off with the code 25CULT through Monday, June 20th!

*For free, thanks y’all!