Because so many beautiful, useful, and sustainable things cross my desk every week, I’ve decided to condense them all into a handy post of my favorites for you to peruse. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Love: Cultures for Health Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

I received this little package of sourdough starter to try, and it sparked an interest in bread making! Bread is actually fairly easy to make–it just takes patience and time, and flour. Mix, cover, let rise, mix cover, let rise, knead, cover, let rise, bake. And out comes crusty, homemade bread. I could make a habit of this.

Sourdough starter

My sourdough starter covered and ready to rise over the next 12 hours

The key ingredient is a starter, which is basically a living culture that turns the flour into bake-able dough. Cultures for Health has a variety of starters for white sourdough, spelt, brown rice, rye, and more, sourced from different locations in the U.S., like San Francisco and New England. Go crazy!

Want: Valentina’s Home-Brewed Spells + Potions

Review: Valentina's Home-Brewed Pure Body Care

This Etsy Seller concocts gorgeous scents that you can bathe in, spray on, and massage with. I’m particularly into the Protection Magickal Mineral Bath Salts, which have only two ingredients: salt and whatever essential oils combine to produce such a wonderful scent, as if you were bathing in a forest cabin.

Love: Six Magazine

Six Magazine covers sustainable fashion

Bored with regular fashion magazines like I am? spades + siLK turned me on to this online magazine that highlights conscious and sustainable fashion. And it’s good! Take a look:

Six Magazine

I just wish I could hold it in my hands. I get so bored with “flipping” through these digital mags. It is not the same. They do have an Android app, though. iPhone next, please?

Want: Love Dart

Love Dart drawstring bag // handmade with vegetable tanned leather Love Dart cafeteria clutch // handmade with vegetable tanned leather

My friends are of the opinion that Daily Candy has been irrelevant for some time, so they greeted its demise with a, “Eh.” But I was a loyal reader, mainly because they highlighted so many sustainable designers and non-toxic beauty companies. The last thing I found before they sent out their “goodbye” letter was Love Dart, a line of handmade quirky-cool accessories made with vegetable-tanned leather.

Love Dart Giza Bag // handmade with vegetable-tanned leather Love Dart waist belt // handmade with vegetable-tanned leather
Love Dart Pennant Collar Tips // handmade from vegetable-tanned leather Two in one! Love Dart reversible mousepad/trivet // handmade with vegetable-tanned leather

Everything is so fresh, yet so classic. I think my favorite is the collar points and lunchbag clutch. What about you?

Need: BlueAvocado


As soon as I use up the ziplocks my ex-roommate left behind, I need to find a more eco-friendly replacement. This will do nicely. There are basic bags for sandwiches, medium-sized ones for toiletries, and big ones for everything else. Oh, and BlueAvocado is a B Corp, which means they incorporate responsible environmental and social practices into their very core values. And this is how I accessorize my kitchen.

Love: Reve en Vert Redesign

Reve en Vert

Ohhh, one of my favorite sustainable online fashion boutiques got a makeover. They always had gorgeous ethical fashion, but now they have a blog, too, with interviews and guides. As Cora and Tash said, “Venez voir!”

Need: Naja Lingerie

Naja lingerie // provides jobs to single mothers in Colombia Naja lingerie // provides jobs to single mothers in Colombia
Naja lingerie // provides jobs to single mothers in Colombia See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil panties // Naja lingerie // provides jobs to single mothers in Colombia
Sushi undies // Naja lingerie // provides jobs to single mothers in Colombia Koala undies // Naja lingerie // provides jobs to single mothers in Colombia


Every lady needs some basic, flattering, sexy black bras and panties. This brand is all about women’s empowerment. And I’m not just talking about the sophisticated cuts and cheeky printed panties. Through the Underwear for Hope program and a partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia, Naja trains single or head of household mothers to sew and them employs them. Put your boobs to good use, ladies.

Love: Epic Protein Bar

Epic Protein bars // made with grass-fed meat, actually tastes good!

Here’s something a little weird. It’s a protein bar … made from meat. Like, actual meat. Grass-fed meat.

I tried the lamb flavor and yes, at first it’s a very odd experience. But once you get used to eating meat in bar form, it’s actually just as delicious, if not more, than beef jerky, with just a hint of spicy and sweet flavor. I would add this to my on-the-go snack arsenal. Oh, and Paleo people I bet would love it.

It also comes in bison and beef flavors. Well, “flavors” is a misnomer. It is bison and beef.

Love: Birch Benders Pancake and Waffle Mix

Organic pancake mix // all you have to do is pour water in the jar, shake it up, and pour directly in the pan! (They have a gluten-free version too)

These have got to be the easiest pancakes I’ve ever made. And they were tasty, too! You just pour water into the jar, close it up (that second step is important), give it a shake, then pour the pancake batter directly into your mouth the pan for a perfect breakfast, without egg and batter all over your floor and counter, and fewer dishes to do.

Bonus: They have a gluten-free version.

Need: Moso Air Purifying Bag

Natural air purifying bag

I was raised in a household where scented candles were viewed as a cop out. Either your house is clean and fresh-smelling, or it’s not. So I’m drawn to items to purify my apartments air, instead of covering it up. The Moso purifying bag comes in two sizes. I threw the small one in my fridge, and the large one in my bathroom because it also prevents mold. With my bathroom not having a fan, that is super helpful.

Have you tried any of these brands before and want to add some info?