Kora Organics Review

The concept of a super model starting a line of beauty products is a funny one, if you think about it. As if using some products could get you close to their natural gorgeousness. However, you have to concede that they’ve been primped daily by experts for years, so they’ve must have picked up a few good tips.

These are the thoughts I had when I was offered the chance to try a couple products for Miranda Kerr’s new-ish Kora Organics line: the Tinted Day Cream and Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil.*

The Tinted Day Cream contains sunscreen, though it does not specify an SPF. It’s a rather alarmingly dark brown color when it comes out of the bottle, like cocoa almost. But it spreads silkily on the skin and leaves you with just a slight tan. I’ve been using it daily in the morning and I love it. But as it gets hotter and sunnier, I might switch to a day cream with a 30 SPF, to be safe.

As for the Rosehip Body Oil, I love the concept of using oil in the summer instead of lotion, to give yourself a summery glow. The body oil has a slight scent of food-grade oils, and spreads nicely over the skin, absorbing quickly. I love how light it is on the skin.

Overall, I love these two products as an alternative to your usual beauty routine when it gets hot outside!

*I got these two products free to try.