I’ve written before about the hypocrisy of products that raise money to fight breast cancer often themselves have ingredients linked to breast cancer. It’s just a random plastic thing that is pink and has parabens or phthalates or BPA or some such nonsense. Why?

But this particular product tie in isn’t cynical or hypocritical. It’s just uplifting, a product tie that makes such cosmic, universal sense – and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, too.

vapour_siren_lipstick_angels_428_with_swatch_at_credo_beautyLast month Credo Beauty, one of my very favorite non-toxic beauty retailers, told me that they had joined forces with the clean beauty company Vapour to launch a lipstick that would support the mission of Lipstick Angels. And they were offering me the honor of helping name the color!

From Lipstick Angels’ website:

Lipstick Angels utilizes healthy beauty services and touch to restore, strengthen and protect the dignity, hope and self-respect of seriously ill patients undergoing debilitating treatments such as chemotherapy. We provide complimentary, personalized one-on-one beauty and skin care services by professional makeup artists at the patient’s bedside or while they are receiving chemotherapy infusions, when they are at their most vulnerable.

Lipstick Angels’ beauty kits were developed with Founder, Renata Helfman and the Cedars Sinai’s Volunteer Department and the Epidemiology Department. The kits had to meet stringent requirements to ensure patient safety and all of the materials used in the beauty kits adhere to the standards set by the Epidemiology Department. Lipstick Angels only uses natural and/or organic beauty products in an effort to reduce patients’ exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.

I think this is a wonderful cause, and didn’t hesitate to say yes. Credo sent me a couple sticks of the berry pink lipstick by Vapour, and I reverently smoothed the moisturizing color over my lips while I used all my wordsmithing powers to figure out what would set just the right tone for such a special lipstick. Then I put my choices to my Instagram followers.

Y’all chose Hello, Love. An excellent choice! And now you can buy the lipstick yourself, with all the proceeds going to Lipstick Angels. (Oh, and you should know I’m not getting compensated for this at all, unless you count two lipsticks. I just think it’s a really neat cause.)

As a two time cancer survivor myself, this collaboration is especially close to my heart. The joyful, healing intention of this rosy pink shade is reflected in it’s ingredients. ‘Hello, love’ contains antioxidant-rich organic Pomegranate, whose many seeds are a symbol of eternal life and nourishing organic Rose, an icon of an open heart. Both are especially fitting for this lipstick designed to bring a little bit of joy to cancer patients. – Vapour co-founder, Krysia Boinis

It makes me so happy to imagine a makeup artists uncapping a lipstick and murmuring, “This one is called Hello, Love,” before leaning in to apply it on a patient who really could use the boost that comes with a beautiful shade of lipstick. I hope you’ll help make this a reality!

And let me know about a woman in your life who could have used a little lipstick love during her treatment, and whether this would appeal to her. I would love to hear your story!