Lately I have been asking myself these questions: Does truly sustainable tourism exist? Is it possible to visit an ecologically and culturally rich area in a developing country, and benefit rather than ruin it? Where can I find true spiritual and indigenous education, instead of the aesthetically pleasing sort that has permeated Brooklyn and California?

I might be on the verge of finding out. I’m going to Peru in July, and I’m looking for some friends and readers to come with me!

This isn’t your typical vacation. It’s a luxurious experience, but you won’t be lying on a beach chair drinking a cocktail, shopping at an outlet, or taking a brief tour before buying some souvenirs. Put on by Reviveolution, a collective of conscious leaders, native wisdom-keepers, and creative pioneers committed to a socially and ecologically sustainable world, this trip in the Sacred Valley of Peru goes deep into authentic indigenous Peruvian culture, including meeting native baby alpaca weavers, daily yoga, a coca reading, massage, ceremonies, organic meals, and a visit to Machu Picchu with an indigenous elder.

Let me give you all the details, and if you’re interested, you can apply to attend here.*

It’s not binding to apply, by the way. They just want to make sure you are the kind of person who will enjoy and benefit from the retreat, since it is intimate and you will be interacting a lot with the other attendees. Judging from the interactions I’ve had with you, my readers, I trust that I would have an amazing time getting to know you better and sharing this experience. If you’re accepted and enough people have signed up, then they will confirm, and at that point you will pay and buy your plane tickets.


July 28 – Aug 4, 2017 | Sacred Valley, Peru

To walk with Women from Alizé Jireh on Vimeo.

The Andes mountains have a special charge that clears the body and mind of unnecessary burdens. In this seven-day retreat, you’ll connect to the healing properties of nature through traditional Andean ceremonies, organic gourmet cuisine, morning yoga practice, intentional nature hikes, a unique visit to the famous citadel Machu Picchu with an indigenous elder, and a hot soak at the spa, all in the comfort of luxurious and eco-friendly accommodations. You may rest assured, Peru will nurture your soul.

The retreat includes:

  • Plant medicine-infused therapeutic massage
  • Unique visit to Machu Picchu with an indigenous elder
  • Organic, healing cuisine (all meals included)
  • Personal coca leaf reading with an authentic Q’ero wisdom-keeper
  • Traditional Andean “despacho” ceremony with an authentic Q’ero wisdom-keeper
  • Medicinal plant bath cleanse
  • Weaving workshop (Andean mindfulness practice)
  • Herbal plant walk
  • Hot soak at the famous UNNO Spa
  • Visit by high-end baby alpaca weavers of Peru

  • Daily yoga morning practice
  • High comfort accommodations from 7/28 to 8/3
  • Ground transportation from 7/28 to 8/4
  • Transformational guidelines for meaningful living
  • Self-mastery techniques for stress-free approaches
  • Interpersonal agreements for effective communication
  • Genuine relationship building circles

There are three retreat packages, ranging from $3,899 to $5,899. Your money goes not only to pay for all of the accommodations and activities, it also helps fund the construction of an Eco Sanctuary in Peru, so that Reviveolution can expand its services, including:

1) Creating equal income with indigenous women and inspiring stewardship through weaving natural dyes and fibers in the Watana Women’s Collective.

2) Promoting healthy organic lifestyle through food, herbal teas, and ancestral medicines in the Andean Alchemy Restaurant and Tea House.

3) Offering permaculture, natural building, and land regenerative education to both local and international guests to reconnect to indigenous life-ways.

4) Expanding Andean ceremonies, teachings and traditions to native youth and the global community to pass this wisdom into future generations.

5) Hosting retreats and events to provide a platform for reciprocal exchange between tribal nations, inspired individuals, and today’s pioneers.

They’ve raised $15,000 so far, and need another $15,000 to purchase the land. You can watch this video to get a sense for the project and its founder, Caroline Putnam.

If you are worried about this retreat being an instance of exploitative “spiritual tourism,” then I urge you to read this blog post from Reviveolution on the subject, to get a sense for how seriously this retreat takes the issue of nurturing, protecting, and responsibly passing on indigenous wisdom.

In the past five years, Reviveolution has participated in inter-religious peace conferences throughout the world (including South Korea and India), inter-tribal gatherings across the Americas, innumerable Andean fire ceremonies, workshops, teachings, and traditions, ecological projects with the Q’ero, free health care initiatives for Andean locals, fair-trade organic women’s weaving collective, and water filtration system donations for indigenous families in Peru. 

If you have any questions, comment below, and I’ll make sure to ask Caroline and get you the answer. I know this is a big financial and time commitment, and want to make sure you are completely comfortable with it.

I really can’t think of better people to do this with, than my lovely readers, who have always been so thoughtful and kind, so won’t you join me?

*Reviveolution is also paying me a small fee for every person that signs up to compensate me fairly for my work promoting it. I promise, this is not a Fyre Festival situation! I have committed personally to attend, and from doing research and getting a personal recommendation from another trusted person in the sustainability community, I know this will be a wonderful and nourishing experience.