wear new york

I’m sure you were doing it already (right?), but this week you have an extra incentive to don your favorite NYC-based designer.

It’s Wear New York week, and all you have to do to celebrate is snap a selfie on Instagram of you wearing a piece by a NYC designer, and tag it with the hashtag #WearNewYork sometime before the 28th, when the campaign ends.

The campaign was started by the e-commerce site Gojee, which features NY-based designers, and while it’s based around designers who do their designing in New York, and not necessarily those who make their designs in NYC, I’m taking it a step further and focusing on items manufactured in Brooklyn and in the Garment District.

Why? Because manufacturing in New York ensures accountability, fair wages, safety, and lowers carbon emissions from shipping, plus supports the local economy.

Wondering where to start? Here’s a list of designers I compiled myself. Anyone I should add?

100% NY by Daniel Silverstein 


AEA Jewelry


Alicia Marilyn Designs

Allison Parris

Ari Dein

Assembly New York


Carrie Parry

Cala Ossidiana bathing suits


D’Emploi Brooklyn


Daisy and Elizabeth lingerie

Deborah Marquit lingerie


Elsa and Me

Feral Childe

Gretchen Jones

H. Fredriksson




Natalie Frigo Jewelry

Nettie Kent jewelry


Only Hearts lingerie

Pamela Love jewelry

Samantha Pleet

Spoon Fashion

Study NY

Suzanne Rae


Vanessa Lianne

Vaute Couture