First, I was blindfolded with a strip of polkadot sackcloth and led through a series of Brooklyn backyards. Then I was handed an elixer of hibiscus and a forgetting potion, and pulled through a raging, underground party. I entered through a bookcase and there I saw State’s latest collection.

JK, Daily Candy wrote about it, and the password to State’s Secret Summer Catalogue starts with an l and ends with etmein. Yup, I’m a snitch. So while I’m at it, let me give you all the salacious details of this sustainable fashion collaboration.

Sustainable halter top

I heard that the Jenni Top by Kordal, lined with luscious silk cashmere and hand-embroidered with black stitches in detailing exclusive to the Secret Summer Catalogue, is made to order in Brooklyn, yet only fits A and B cup sizes.

eco-friendly shorts

The Striped Britches are sold out, but latecomers to the party can still get a pair of the Lindsey Shorts by Kordal.

embroidered headband

The word on the street is that flower headbands are for amateurs, and the real sparkle lies in this golden, embroidered, Patch Headband by State.

alpaca rug

Nothing sexy has happened on this Felted Alpaca Rug …. yet. But once you feel the hand-felted alpaca from Vashon Island, WA, who knows what you’ll feel compelled to do?

chevron head tie

Dirty girls are rejoicing. Hair washing is rendered optional (who has the time during the summer anyway?) with this Chevron Summer Head Tie by State.