Sunset over the Playa at Burning Man

Hey readers, I’m going to be in the desert until September 8th at Burning Man. I’ll have some posts from my friends in the Ethical Writers Coalition scheduled to go up this week, which I think you’ll enjoy, but I won’t be around on social media or email.

If you want to know more about what I’ll be up to this week, check out these articles on the topic of the man who burns and the people that love him:

27 Reasons I’m Going to Burning Man
Pretty much all these reasons hold true this year. However, I can’t gloss over the fact that Burning Man has a high carbon footprint, unfortunately. Obviously, that isn’t keeping me from going, but it’s something to think about. I actually asked one of the founders this in an interview, and she said they’re aware of it but the technology isn’t there yet for solar and biodiesel.

15 Reasons I’m Skipping All Other Music Festivals Forever for Burning Man

Here are my outfits from last year. For this year, I drew heavily from this roundup I did of possible low-impact clothing and accessories. You know I’ll be posting pictures when I get back on the grid!