Three years!

Three years I’ve made it around New York City without losing my wallet. Gloves? Yes. Umbrellas? More than I can count. But until now, I’ve kept my keys, phone and wallet by my side.

You know, I wasn’t even that drunk on Saturday. I would say, on a scale of one to drunk, I was maybe a four. But at three in the morning, I swiped my card, climbed out of the taxi, and then realized approximately two minutes later, as I dug through my little purse while standing in line with K at the pizza counter, that I no longer had my wallet. It’s like I just completely missed my purse or something and flung my wallet to the taxi cab floor. (This, apparently, is why you should always get your taxi receipt.)

This seems appropriate, as I was in a daze when I lost my wallet.

My chances of getting it back at this point are about nil. (Though, the officer at the 17th precinct where cab drivers are supposed to turn in lost items was very, very nice.) So I’ve resigned myself to replacing all my cards and finding myself a new wallet. Let’s do this right.

I’ve rounded up all my choices, from chic to exotic, cheap to luxurious. And there are a surprising amount of nice options out there, in a range of styles that will suit every taste.

Maybe you can help me think through which one I should get? Let me know your favorite in the comments!

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