Alden Wicker of EcoCult for Modavanti

Modavanti is giving EcoCult readers 10% off with the code EcoCult. Happy ethical shopping!

Modavanti has established itself as one of the online retailers with the most extensive collection of fashion-forward ethical and sustainable clothing and accessories for men and women. I’m always poking around their site to see what new items they have.

They also have a new editorial arm with smart stories on conscious culture. And I say that knowing that brand blogs aren’t always great. But trust me, this one is, with stories on plastic beads in our beauty products, interviews with tastemakers, and op-eds on hot topics in sustainable fashion. I’m always linking to them in my newsletter, just because I love the stories!

So I was thrilled to be a part of their first big video feature. I invited them over to my apartment in Brooklyn for their take on the 36 questions interview format. Then, I chose one crop top from Silvae, and put together three conscious outfits: one for a work meeting, one for a weekend stroll, and one for going out at night. Finally, I participated in a written interview, too!

Head over to Modavanti to see the whole feature and find out who I’m wearing.